Accessories, tents, sleeping bags, cooking systems, hydration systems, leggings, gloves, eyeglasses.

All products are designed for use in the mountains.

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5,80 € 5,16 €
Little helpers at crux sections: these small, at carabiners (7.5 cm) in various colors are not suitable for climbing, but they do make perfect key fobs, for example. 

27,90 € 24,83 €
Hardwearing gaiter in waterproof Supertex® fabric

28,40 € 20,00 €
Ideal sleeping bag liner to improve hygiene and thermal comfort of your sleeping bag and for overnight stay in huts and hostels.

53,00 € 46,64 €
The Essential Light Mat is our lightest, most compact mat for hikers who need to cut space and weight everywhere possible. Because there is no foam, it rolls down to less than 2% of its inflated size and the 100% polyamide exterior allows it to be both strong and hyperlight at the same time. Two valves (one plastic, one brass) speed up inflation and...

8,00 €
Nothing’s cleaner, greener*, or more versatile than a Platypus SoftBottle flexible bottle. Whether you’re out running, catching a flight, or hitting the yoga studio after work, the SoftBottle flexible bottle is your source for easy hydration.

30,90 € 27,50 €
Snaps shut at the press of a finger • 18/8 stainless steel • Vacuum insulation • Light and easy to carry.

45,00 € 42,75 €
Still a favorite of the ultralight elite, the Z Lite mattresses are our lightest, most compact closed-cell mattresses.

20,00 € 17,80 €
High-quality stainless steel knife.

21,00 € 18,69 €
Mattress in closed-cell polyethylene mesh foam • Embossed, aluminised and reflecting top side and bottom covered in non-slip rubber film.

75,50 € 67,10 €
Pure silk sleeping bag liner which ensures unique thermal comfort. This ultra light and space saving silk liner is the ideal solution for the most demanding users.

33,90 € 25,50 €
Pure cotton sleeping bag liner, perfect to keep your sleeping bag fresh and clean.

29,00 € 20,60 €
Sleeping bag Pro Liner by Ferrino, in very light satin polyester designed to reduce weight and the size of the storage bag. 

25,00 € 21,00 €
Compact first aid kit for emergencies. Waterproof bag with roll top and waistband.

57,10 € 50,82 €
for those requiring the minimum size while still being able to enjoy comfort and insulation. The innovative 210T Polyester Diamond Ripstop 70D honeycomb filling reduces weight and size. The models in this line are ideal for climbing, trekking and bike touring, and once folded away, they take up less space than a bivy bag. Self-inflating airbed

44,90 € 39,51 €
A step forward in gaiter design. The Duo features bi-material construction with 450 denier polyester micro ripstop on the top half and burly 1000 denier Cordura on the bottom to protection against crampon points, branches and rocks. The innovative ‘Fast-Fit’ system features a plastic coated cable that locks in a wedge on the side.

50,00 € 44,50 €
The ultra-light Bodhi is a combination of rechargeable mini lantern and lamp. Ideal for night-time camping use.

89,00 € 79,21 €
The new Nordic generation of sleeping bags are developed for accasional hikers.

114,00 € 101,46 €
The new Nordic generation of sleeping bags are developed for accasional hikers.

140,00 € 133,00 €
The NeoAir XLite mattress delivers more warmth and comfort per ounce than any other three-season air mattress available. 
Showing 1 - 20 of 41 items