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$5.88 $5.00
Version with wire lever of the Orbit model, carabiner in the name of reliability and sturdiness perfect for all intensive uses. Size and softness of the lever ensure excellent functionality.

$19.86 $16.88
Atlas carabiner equipped with 3Lock automatic closure that requires three actions (rotate and press) to be opened and therefore extremely safe. It stands out for its exceptional breaking strength

$19.06 $17.16
Compact HMS carabiner with integrated steel spring to prevent twisting when used with any belay device. Innovative Slide type closure system integrated in the lever.

$26.21 $22.28
A multi-functional, lightweight and compact keylock locker, the Black Diamond HotForge Screwgate carabiner features a hot-forge construction

$17.47 $14.85
Large oval carabiner, very resistant and with low weight thanks to the H-section. Due to its characteristics - wide opening, Keylock closure with 3Lock automatic ring nut for maximum safety - it is ideal for use with pulleys, descenders and ascenders.

$12.71 $11.44
The HMS Bullet Screw carabiner is constructed of lightweight aluminum with a very effective geometry. The pear-shaped design allows a wide opening and the screw lock makes the carabiner more manageable when attaching and releasing.

$15.01 $12.76
The Atom 3Lock is a high strength HMS carabiner for belaying and rappelling with a triple action automatic closure that requires 3 actions (slide, rotate and press) to open the lever. The wide opening ensures quick and easy hooks while the nose with patented SphereLock geometry optimizes the carabiner lever game for maximum safety.

$15.09 $12.83
Double locking oval connector designed for rope access activities, mechanical devices and pulleys. Large connector with a large lever opening and high breaking loads. Body made of aluminum alloy.

$16.68 $14.18
The Xenon HMS Belay Tri-Lock carabiner by Wild Country has the same shape as the Xenon HMS carabiner. The geometry is thought to optimize to ensure low low weight, high strength and durability.
Showing 121 - 129 of 129 items