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$7.94 $6.75
Oval aluminium carabiner with a circular section which makes it recommended for use with mobile devices

$9.37 $7.97
The Lime Sg carabiner is compact, made of light alloy and hot forged with screw cap, designed for mountaineering and sport climbing in general.

$11.91 $10.72
The Edelrid Strike HMS carabiner is very compact and light. Ideal for mountaineering.

$7.94 $5.96
The 20g barrier has been broken! The Nineteen G is the lightest carabiner in the world and does not compromise on strength.

$15.81 $13.43
Small sized, compact and lightweight HMS screwgate carabiner made of hot-forged light alloy and designed for trad climbing, sport climbing and general mountaineering.

$9.61 $8.17
Carabiner with a special system for easier attachment. Classic carabiner made of aluminum with an innovative system that allows you to keep the lever open until you touch an anchor.

$12.23 $10.40
Light alloy HMS carabiner with screwgate, designed for use in trad and sport climb and mountaineering in general.

$13.82 $11.75
Light-alloy versatile connector, with screw-up locking gate.

$8.73 $7.86
HMS safety carabiner with a big opening and size.

$10.40 $8.84
One of the lightest HMS locking carabiners on the market, optimized to maximize safety and performance. Thanks to its double rib construction, it has both an exceptional strength / weight ratio and a large body section that facilitates the sliding of the strings. The nose with patented SphereLock geometry guarantees maximum safety

$9.52 $7.14
Carabiner oval Power 2500 ferrule of Edelrid is built with a very thin locking ferrule. Ideal for pulleys, rope maneuvers and for positioning anchor points.
Showing 13 - 24 of 129 items