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110,00 € 95,70 €
The Dynamic jacket is extremely light with a wind resistant face fabric and a microfiber liner making it ideal as an outer layer on fair days or a mid-layer when it cools down. Wicking and breathable, it’s fine whilst moving fast on quick pitches, warm up runs or walking to the crag and works great in any layering system.

345,00 € 269,10 €
Robust alpine Hard Shell jacket made from elastic DRYtech material. The functional hood, backpack-compatible pocket position and useful little details make it a good companion for various activities.

169,90 € 151,21 €
Ultra-light, space-saving jacket in 2.5-layer waterproof and breathable fabric; ideal for trail running and intensive aerobic activities.

199,00 € 177,11 €
GORE-TEX® 2.5-layer fabric features high-quality tailoring.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items