Ice Axes accessories and Spares

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41,00 € 36,08 €
Hot-forged pick optimized for the X-Dream ice tools. The leveled pick is designed to balance performance on both technical rock and ice mixed terrain.

6,90 € 6,00 €
Protective cover for ice axes and shovels to avoid damage to rucksacks, the climber and others during transport. Once on the wall it can be folded back onto the shaft or removed  freeing the ice axe.

52,00 € 45,76 €
The original X-Dream handle with no spike (standard on the original X-Dream) for the best clearance on technical ice and mixed terrain. Sold separately so climbers can modify their X-Dream Alpine tools for dry-tooling and technical ice.

22,00 € 19,36 €
Spare Hammer for the Cassin X Light Axe

7,00 € 6,16 €
A perfectly profiled spike for climbing in the big mountains (comes standard on the X-All Mountain ice tool). Long enough, sharp enough to penetrate snow on lower angled terrain and the hole is big enough for clipping a carabiner. Compatible with all CASSIN X tools (not compatible with the X-Alp Grip). Sold separately from grips.

14,45 € 12,72 €
Lower support for both hand and finger protection. Compatible with the following ice axes:NORTH COULOIR DRON + ALPIN TOUR +

56,00 € 49,28 €
X-Gyro Leash Two size : 012601 Size 1 - 85/129 cm - 130 g 012602 Size 2 - 92/147 cm - 140 g

24,90 € 21,66 €
An elastic double sling system to avoid losing tools when climbing on rock or ice, solving the problem of modern climbing without a leash.The Single Spring is attached to the harness by looping it through the tape ring over the harness itself.

18,90 € 16,44 €
Grivel’s invention mounted on the Top Machine in 2000 is now available for tubes of all diameters: in yellow for all tubes up to 20 x 30mm in diameter and in black for larger sizes. It can be regulated at any point and distributes the weight over the fingers

39,90 € 35,11 €
Hot-forged pick optimized for the X-Dream ice tools. The beak, angle and hammer are optimized to level the swing and weight for the best performance on technical ice.

23,00 € 11,50 €
Leashes for technical ice tools and traditional piolets. NOTE: The ring on the Touring Leash is designed specifically to fit the shaft of CAMP mountaineering axes and may not fit other axes.
Showing 1 - 12 of 35 items