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16,90 € 14,87 €
Our most sophisticated quickdraw for sport climbing at the highest level. The Dyon Mixed Express KS utilizes the tried and true Photon straight gate carabiner for the bolt end and our high-end Dyon KeyWire carabiner for the rope end. 

8,90 € 7,83 €
The new body design of the Orbit Lock adds strength and rigidity while maintaining a truly utilitarian size for everything from anchors to rigging to attaching auto-blocking belay devices where a compact D tends to fit better than larger HMS style carabiners. The patented SphereLock closure minimizes play between the gate and nose for enhanced safety and...

12,00 € 9,00 €
A compact style of oval carabiner with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Features a keylock screw gate closure.

19,60 € 17,25 €
The Dyon Express KS is a benchmark draw that incorporates our high-end Dyon carabiners for super smooth clipping and cleaning.

8,00 € 7,04 €
At 22 grams, the Nano 22 is the lightest fully-functional carabiner on the market with unique attributes that set it apart from other smaller carabiners.

2,50 € 2,20 €
CE certified steel oval quick links for industrial rigging and anchors. Zinc plating helps prevent rust in humid environments. The 8 mm requires a 14 mm open-end wrench. The 10 mm requires a 17 mm open-end wrench.

4,00 € 3,52 €
stainless steel oval quick links for setting up rappels, equipping anchors and fixing quickdraws.

11,40 € 10,03 €
The Photon Lock is the anchor biner of choice for alpinists and multi-pitch climbers.

14,40 € 12,67 €
One of the lightest locking carabiners in the world. The HMS Nitro Lock, featuring an updated body design and thinner gate, has been optimized to maximize both safety and performance. The design offers an optimal area for working with the Italian hitch knot (HMS) and increases the strength in open gate and minor axis positions.

11,80 € 9,20 €
A step forward in carabiner evolution, the Dyon uses a proprietary two-part gate to combine the benefits of smooth wire gate action with a keylocking closure.

10,90 € 9,59 €
Large screw gate carabiner designed for belaying and rappelling with either a Munter hitch or standard belay device. Keylocking closure eliminates snagging.

10,80 € 9,50 €
The U shape of the shaft on the Corner piton adds an additional holding force by creating spring tension when the piton is driven into a crack proportionately smaller than its width.

7,40 € 6,51 €
HUB - Tools carabiner Fits on most climbing harness waist belts Convenient racking for ice screws and toolsA wire gate racking carabiner with a wide gate opening and super smooth gate action designed to carry up to six ice screws. The Hub is also superior to a traditional holster for carrying ice tools that have modern shapes or leashes—just clip...

59,90 € 45,00 €
The wildly popular Armour delivers a precise fit, superior protection and a striking look with five color options—all at a great value! The molded ABS shell has a total of 10 vents on the sides for excellent ventilation and a fast and secure adjustment system allows the helmet to be adjusted for different layers and styles of climbing.

15,80 € 13,90 €
Forged from Carbon steel.Deformable in order to follow the irregularity of the cracks

12,20 € 10,74 €
Forged from Carbon steel.Deformable in order to follow the irregularity of the cracks.Universal shape with 45° angled head.

12,50 € 11,00 €
The Oval XL Lock is an exceptionally strong full-size locking oval carabiner. With its sophisticated I-Beam construction, it is also surprisingly lightweight.

84,00 € 62,00 €
Harness conceived by women, designed by women, and built for women. The Supernova started as a conceptual lightweight harness for high-end sport climbing, but proved so comfortable it became the ideal all-arounder. 

10,20 € 8,98 €
Made from NiCrMo steel, blanked and bent.For the thinnest cracks.
Showing 1 - 20 of 84 items

Passion, work and simplicity are some of the key words that have always distinguished CAMP

CAMP, Mountaineering and Climbing Equipment

Passion is the one for the mountain and for the products that help to realize the dreams and projects of all those who attend it; work has been handed over for over 115 years to four distinct generations following the leadership of the company and simplicity is the one that characterizes a way of being and relationship based on seriousness and loyalty.

These ingredients allow you to respond more powerfully and effectively to the needs of today's marketplace that requires innovation, new proposals and solutions, imagination and reliability, safety and fun.

CAMP's mission is then to design, design and develop innovative technical solutions that can enhance the safety, performance and effectiveness of products destined to the most demanding consumers in the outdoors and industry markets.

All this goes through the culture of innovation that is rooted in the CAMP heart since the beginning of its activity, and one can remember by way of example the first pile with the metal handle, the first rigid structure crampon, the first modular ice ax , the lighter carabiner with its 33 grams. All this thanks to a constant presence on the ground that is nowadays supported more than ever by an organization that invests predominantly on research and development components, assisted by a team of top-level testimonials and technical advisors such as Tomaz Humar, Simone Moro , Denis Urubko, Valerio Folco, Cristian Brenna just to name a few.

Today (2006), over 10% of CAMP's workforce works in the Research & Development Division but the goal is to reach 20% in the arc in the near future.
The organization of the facility now allows to export the products in 60 countries around the world, two of which (France and USA) are headed directly with dedicated facilities. The distribution network is adequately supported by structured multi-pole logistics that allows differentiated deliveries in a few hours in any city in the world.

The approach with customers is increasingly seen in partnership approach where collaboration does not stop at a mere commercial relationship but presupposes mutual trust and involvement on those that are the customer's basic needs and solutions that the company can to propose.