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36,80 € 29,44 €
Practical rope bag in lightweight, hardwearing Oxford Nylon fabric.

4,02 € 3,57 €
Rescue cover termico suitable for protecting yourself from heat and cold.

32,70 € 29,11 €
Rope Bag in lightweight, hardwearing oxford nylon.

23,69 € 18,95 €
Hardwearing gaiter in waterproof Supertex® fabric

24,51 € 21,81 €
Ideal sleeping bag liner to improve hygiene and thermal comfort of your sleeping bag and for overnight stay in huts and hostels.

21,23 € 13,23 €
Waist pouch in 420D HD Ripstop

17,95 € 11,95 €
X-Flat is the ultra-light, compact waist pouch with double front pocket and parts in contact with the body made in breathable material.

94,18 € 76,18 €
Triolet backpack 32 + 5 Ferrino suitable for mountaineering with special technical and ergonomic features that make it a high quality product suitable for all mountaineering activities.

163,93 € 145,90 €
25 liter backpack for freeride / ski touring use with AIRSAFE respirator and RECCO reflector

25,33 € 22,54 €
Snaps shut at the press of a finger • 18/8 stainless steel • Vacuum insulation • Light and easy to carry.

65,49 € 49,12 €
Pure silk sleeping bag liner which ensures unique thermal comfort. This ultra light and space saving silk liner is the ideal solution for the most demanding users.

28,61 € 22,89 €
Pure cotton sleeping bag liner, perfect to keep your sleeping bag fresh and clean.
Showing 1 - 12 of 43 items

Turin, 1870: in his paint shop, Cesare Ferrino experiments with the first industrial process for producing waxed fabrics. Fiat chooses them for its car hoods and the Italian army selects them for its military tents. Naturally, the features of these fabrics win over mountaineers and explorers: Ferrino becomes synonymous with outdoor sports.

Ferrino, Quality is never a detail.

Turin, 1870: in his paint shop, Cesare Ferrino experiments with the first industrial process to produce tarpaulins. Fiat chooses them for the top of their cars, the Italian army for military tents. Of course, the performance of the canvases conquers mountaineers and explorers: Ferrino becomes a synonym of outdoor.

Ferrino products are the result of incessant technological research, meticulous field tests and listening to those who use them: testers and users. All with a sense of craftsmanship and Italian style, which makes each product a product to be proud of. "Ferrino, Quality is never a detail."