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6,15 € 5,29 €
Dyneema sling. Lighter and softer than polyamide rings.

22,95 € 19,74 €
Panic provides extra reach to those distant bolts and anchor points.

7,99 € 6,87 €
Multipurpose hot forged aluminum safety plate, usable with single, double, twin rope.

81,15 € 64,92 €
The Kong Kosmos Full helmet is the first helmet with triple certification: climbing, skiing and cycling / skate.

19,67 € 16,92 €
Stretch fabric gloves Skin without fingers, special for via ferrata, adventure parks, boating. Back in stretch nylon, rubber reinforced palm, Velcro closure system.

9,02 € 7,75 €
Argon is a carabiner dedicated to people who seek extreme lightness and the slightest dimensions.

31,15 € 26,79 €
Compared to PANIC is still gains some centimeters because the insertion in the spit takes place directionally from the bottom.

6,47 € 5,56 €
Ingenious alu alloy hook for belaying, aid climbing and stirrups. Resting Fiffi allows you to adjust the length of the lanyard and is self-locking.Use with 7 mm static rope. Only for static loads!

6,15 € 5,29 €
Ribbon ring in polyamide. To make a stop or anchor, or extend an anchor point. The product is supplied in different colors based on the lengths.

48,36 € 41,59 €
Super light hiking pole, only 200g per piece!

86,89 € 55,79 €
Medale via ferrata set of Kong made with 20 mm elastic webbing and Tango connectors with double safety lever.

73,69 € 53,69 €
Ultra-light helmet for climbing, mountaineering and ski-mountaineering which, thanks to the large internal padding, offers maximum comfort in just 230 g in weight.
Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items

KONG, from the past to the future, the evolution of security

We can attach anything to a "carabiner": keys, dog, cat, bicycle, etc.
Mountaineers, climbers and professionals use them to hang their dreams and their life itself.
At KONG we have all this in mind: this is why we produce superior quality connectors. In our company, research and innovation have generated continuous improvements and, sometimes, real "revolutions".

Kong - has been producing climbing and mountaineering equipment since 1830

The origins of Kong go back a long way, exactly in 1830 in a mechanical workshop located at the foot of the Alps, where Giuseppe Bonaiti started our story, writing important pages of Made in Italy.

The attention to the maximum protection of human lives, together with the dreams that these men "hang" by climbing the peaks, led Bonaiti to export its philosophy and its products all over the world.
Its "carabiners" have concretely become fixed points for anyone who practices vertical disciplines.

The entire production cycle, from design to packaging, takes place within the 10,000 square meters of the Monte Marenzo (LC) Italy plant, where each PPE is tested piece by piece and sold all over the world.
We can proudly say that we are first and foremost producers:

  • our 70 employees carry out their daily activities with passion, to produce high quality systems that guarantee maximum safety

  • our robots test 100% of the connectors pulling them to about 70% of the marked load

  • our operators check 100% of the products, evaluating their perfect functionality and aesthetic appearance

KONG, from the past to the future, the evolution of security