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61,48 € 46,72 €
This new Friend is no different, built with a twin axle it remains a Friend. At its core our 13.75 constant cam angle provides the axis around which future climbers will place their trust.

10,66 € 9,27 €
These mid-weight slings provide a solid ratio between longevity, weight and performance. Hailed as radical when first developed, the 12mm Dyneema is now a benchmark of security and is perfect for all-round use.

15,57 € 13,55 €
The Pro-Key is a superb nut key with a host of great features (including a leash) to help recover stuck gear.

61,48 € 53,48 €
Superlight Rocks are essential gear for anyone wanting to climb lighter and faster without compromise. Slim, light, flexible, and supremely agile in tight spots, these single wired beauties push all the buttons as the perfect tool to complete any serious rack. In six sizes, with curved and tapered sides, they give any rack more bite for very, very little...

24,18 € 21,04 €
The Pro Guide Lite is remarkably lightweight device has been trimmed of all excess. It handle a vast range of ropes from 7.7mm alpine cords upwards. It's perfect for bringing up twin followers and locks perfectly with every fall. The tool is simple to release under load. For use in mountain and crag environments by alpinists and adventure climbers, is...

106,56 € 90,57 €
The only automatically locking belay device which has a completely panic-proof locking mechanism.

30,74 € 26,74 €
Sleeker, slimmer, lighter, stronger; Wild Country’s best-selling wiregate gets a makeover. Trimmed of any excess it has been remodelled with our I beam back, a hooded nose and a leaner profile.A superb, lightweight unit, the new Wildwire will remain our definitive design and the mainstay of climber’s racks. 

17,21 € 14,98 €
Using the superb Ascent Lite HMS screwgate karabiner as a starting point we added a lightweight wire gate keeper. This simple elegant solution ensures the Ascent Belay karabiner stays perfectly positioned on your harness belay loop. No more karabiner flipping dramas, your belay device will always work as expected and to its optimum performance

81,97 € 71,31 €
Combining the quick clipping new Electron biner with our proven variable width webbing makes for a great value sport draw in a variety of lengths. Keylock nose, Hot forged backs, Bent or straight gates, High gate open strength, Variable width nylon quickdraw, Vice locator

73,77 € 64,18 €
This superb sport climbing combination features a burly bolt end biner (The new Electron) complemented by a lightweight and swift clipping wiregate (the new Wildwire). Our wide, proven vari-width tape is easy to grab when needed and the 'Vice' keeps the bolt end biner correctly orientated

61,64 € 53,63 €
Subtle, superlight and secure, Superlight Offset Rocks are by far the lightest passive pro per size in the world.
Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items

Wild Country is a world famous climbing brand that designs and creates high-quality rock climbing equipment from its base in the heart of one the UK’s most famous rock climbing areas; the Peak District.

Wild Country is a world famous climbing brand that designs and creates high-quality rock climbing equipment from its base in the heart of one the UK’s most famous rock climbing areas; the Peak District.

As a global business people ask us if it wouldn’t be more sensible to have our base in a big city, with access to a bigger labour pool and better transport? But as climbers we answer "Sure, but that wouldn’t get us to one of twenty local cliffs in five minutes after work like it does now!"

This dichotomy exemplifies the essence of Wild Country, and why the company has been one of the most successful at making high-quality, distinctive and innovative products. Wild Country people always have been, and always will be, climbers that can utilise their vast experience of all types of climbing to make it so.

So from the first ever camming device, to the first ever curved nut, through firsts in sewing and manufacturing processes Wild Country have maintained a focus towards climbing hardware which is unequalled.

Wild Country is still run by a small and dedicated team. These people all come with a pedigree, a love of climbing and experience in the manufacturing stretching over many years.

We are Wild Country we make superb climbing gear and we are proud of what we do!