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82,00 € 66,42 €
Single stem, dual axle design gives our Dragons 360° flexibility and the greatest expansion range, increasing both performance in sub-optimal placements and your chance of getting the right piece first time.

75,00 € 57,00 €
This new Friend is no different, built with a twin axle it remains a Friend. At its core our 13.75 constant cam angle provides the axis around which future climbers will place their trust.

84,95 € 79,00 €
Totem Cam offers an extraordinary holding power and unique capabilities with the patented Direct Loading Camming Device system.

95,00 € 79,80 €
The world’s best selling and most-trusted camming device, the Camalot features a double-axle design that offers unparalleled performance.

207,00 € 175,95 €
The X-Dream combines two tools in one – a fully optimized tool for technical ice and an aggressive dry tooling machine.

169,00 € 148,72 €
The new Alpinist Pro optimizes the benchmark Alpinist crampons for the most technical alpine terrain. Using much of the same technology and innovative design as the Blade Runner crampons, the Alpinist ensures a precise fit with modern boots and extra rigidity in the connection between the heel and toe platforms

179,00 € 157,52 €
The X-All Mountain ice tool came onto the scene in 2010 and changed expectations about how tools should swing and penetrate ice.

149,00 € 131,12 €
Like the Blade Runner for technical ice climbing, the new Alpinist has been designed as the ultimate tool for alpine climbers. Using much of the same technology and innovative design, the Alpinist ensures a precise fit with modern boots and extra rigidity in the connection between the heel and toe platforms.

222,04 € 195,40 €
QUARK is a versatile ice axe designed for technical mountaineering and for ice climbing. Its balance and its ICE pick allow solid placements on any type of ice. The TRIGREST and GRIPREST handrests make it easy to handle and comfortable in any situation. Entirely modular, the QUARK ice axe adapts easily to technical, varied terrain: snow couloirs, gullies,...

225,00 € 195,75 €
Our range’s most technical crampon is now at its fourth evolution, integrating Grivel’s active anti-balling plate and simplifying all adjustments: just one screw to adjust the length, just one screw to substitute a point, just one screw to position the spur.

154,00 € 129,00 €
Trion Light all-year round backpacks are surprisingly light and versatile. back length of only 55 cm and removable top ap give you great freedom of movement when climbing. If you need you can easily remove the T-Frame „Remove & Climb” frame strut. When you also remove the paddings of the hip belt and the flap you get a super light backpack that weighs in...

184,00 € 138,00 €
Mammut®’s alpine agship. Having always been top class in terms of material, workmanship and features, its new, fully opening back access means that it is now also setting new standards in terms of handling and user-friendliness. The Trion Pro is the perfect backpack for all alpinists with a no-compromise attitude to equipment.
Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items