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$2.76 $2.21
Multidirectional traction plate made of 3.5 mm thick AISI 316L stainless steel .

$2.67 $2.13
Chiper in AISI 316L steel ideal for setting up mountaineering and climbing anchors. As support it requires hard and compact rocks (limestone, granite, dolomite).

$3.28 $2.63
Chiper in AISI 316L steel, designed for the realization of mountaineering, climbing and rescue anchors. Extremely resistant and reliable, it has a double expansion element, a feature that makes it suitable for use on many types of rock. Much used by climbers in most crags around the world.

$20.00 $16.00
Stainless steel stop group similar to art.218 but with two lowering rings. A very appreciated stop because it is suitable for all disciplines (mountaineering, climbing and canyoning).

$32.99 $26.39
Gruppo Sosta Classico, certainly the most used in the preparation of rock routes

$12.30 $9.84
Consisting of a Rock plate Ø 10 and two round rings in wire Ø10.

$30.29 $24.23
Stainless steel AISI 316L (2013) Fixed Belay Station, composed of 2 SUPERSTAR (Ø10x80mm) resin bolts (art.160) + 1 chain (art.175) + 2 round 10mm-thick rings (art.177).  Internal ring diameter = 32 mm

$7.27 $5.48
The Raumer 148 plate is a typical anchor with a 10 mm hole and a ring with an internal diameter of 32 mm.
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items