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598,00 € 299,00 €
Largely inspired by the Free-Touring movement, the VERTEX is an ultra-modern geometry ski.

812,00 € 446,60 €
Thanks to the lightweight technology used in our top of the line skis, the new X-SESSION joins the X-SERIES family, and emerges as the leader of free touring.

799,00 € 479,40 €
The X version of the VERTEX will impress even the most hardened high mountain ski tourer. The X VERTEX has relatively straight edges at the tip and tail which helps to have a perfect grip in turns and steep slopes.

775,00 € 658,75 €
The X-SERIES version of the BLACK APPLE is perhaps the most versatile ski in the Touring range.

615,00 € 522,75 €
The RESPONSE is part of the new generation of Free Touring skis with a new-school shape. 

569,00 € 483,65 €
In this new season, the SWEET APPLE has still all of the qualities that made it an outstanding touring ski. For the seasoned pro to the occasional tourer, the SWEET APPLE is incredibly accessible yet capable due to its modern shape, Light Rocker 8 tip and cap construction that gives it a great weight/performance ratio. The SWEET APPLE is a reliable...

812,00 € 690,20 €
A mix of the cutting-edge of HIGH TECH ski technology aimed at the elite of the competition ski-alpinism world. The ski combines a superlight karuba wood core with high density reinforcements along the edge for a superior transmission of pressures, along with a complex glass/ carbon fibre NORTH TPT weave. 

795,00 € 477,00 €
The trend towards wider skis in the Speed Touring segment inspired us to create the BIG FISH X. At 77m underfoot for just 910 grams in the 168cm length, this new ski has a HIGH TECH construction combined with an ultra-light Karuba wood core and NORTH TPT glass fibre/carbon fibre weave. 
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items