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In case of dangerous situations, an avalanche airbag must be deployed quickly and reliable. You can use the Airbag 3.0 Trigger Test Tool to deploy your airbag without using up a cartridge. The tool lets you familiarize yourself with the airbag system and practice deployment.

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Air Safe is a practical, lightweight shoulder strap with integrated AirSafe respirator. Air Safe can be used when out freeriding, snowboarding or ski mountaineering, giving you extra protection in case of avalanche, together with the essential safety kit (avalanche beacon, shovel, probe).  

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Remove to give more: the Alp Racing harness is CAMP's innovative response to the requests for lightness and comfort of ski mountaineering champions.

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Expedition binding with heel unit without lateral release for extreme terrainAn uncompromising combination of the Radical Speed toe piece and a special expedition heel unit without lateral release. Very lightweight at only 197 gr.

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If you have an ice pick attached to the avalanche airbag backpack, make sure the airbag is protected from the spike of the ice pick. If you are caught up in an avalanche, the spike could damage the avalanche airbag. Our spike protection can be fixed to the most common spikes to protect the avalanche airbag from damages.

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The Alp Mountain is a cutting-edge, ultralight and compact harness that features our innovative load webbing construction. The harness is ideal for alpinism, ski mountaineering and high-level mountaineering. Camp Alp Mountain Can be fully opened to be quickly put on or stripped off while wearing skis or crampons.

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Evo snowshoes remain a favorite of snowshoers around the world, delivering MSR’s legendary dependability, built for the trail. With traction bars molded into its UniBody deck, it offers the essential grip needed for even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions.

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The Women's Lightning Trail snowshoes are custom-built for maximum efficiency over rolling terrain. Our lightest snowshoe, they pack the performance of our aggressive and low-profile women's 360 ° Traction ™ frames and pair it with the refined simplicity of our DuoFit ™ bindings for lightweight comfort and control – a perfect match for logging...

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The lightest ski touring bindings with stoppers and Quick Step Climbing Bar is the ideal all-rounder for every ski mountaineerThe Radical ST is the evolution of the Vertical ST and its easy operation at last makes the frameless system accessible to every ski tourer. The Radical ST means no valid argument remains for a frame system

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Lightweight ski touring binding without stoppers and with a pivoting climbing bar is the ideal, price-effective entry-level bindingThe Speed Turn is a further development of the legendary TLT Speed which for over two decades was the first choice for performance ski tourers. Almost every summit was ascended - or even first ascended - using this...

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Designed for experienced ski tourers and amateur competitors, the Climb Pro S-Glide 110 mm mixed structure skin is ideal for multi-day expeditions, offering extra performance and gliding qualities.

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For regular ski tourers looking for a resistant ski skin. POMOCA - Climb 2.0 100 mm an ideal model for all types of terrain encountered during multi-day mountain expeditions.
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