Powerball - Supernova PRO 250Hz gyroscope climbing training


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Powerball - Supernova PRO 250Hz

The Powerball 250Hz Supernova Pro is a gyroscope for training hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders, equipped with an LCD display with a counter to monitor performance and progress.
Model with blue and white LEDs.

How it works :

the Powerball contains a gyroscopic ball which is put into rotation with the appropriate cable, then it must be kept constantly in rotation with the movement of the hands and wrists.

The action required to maintain the rotation of the Powerball activates the flexor muscles of the fingers and the agonist and antagonist muscles of the arm and elbow. The exercise is dynamic and non-static and allows you to affect the shoulder and pectoral muscles.

Why Powerball?

There are several devices on the market to train strength and endurance of the hands and forearms, so what need is there to use a device like Powerball? The reasons are different and are essentially:

  • Powerball's ability to dynamically train affected muscle groups
  • make training fun and not monotonous through a game of skill and not just resistance
  • in addition to muscular work with Powerball, discrete joint work is performed, through rotation and movement, stimulating the production of synovial fluid to protect the tendons

The Powerball Supernova Pro has an LCD display with a counter and is equipped with white and blue LED lights.

Powerball is ideal and has been used since 2005 for post-injury recovery and rehabilitation related to the carpal tunnel and epicondylitis and is extremely popular in sectors and sports that require strength and resistance of the forearms such as in tennis, golf, among musicians and precisely between climbers.

How to use Powerball :

rotation is activated with the special cord and then rotation is maintained with the movement of the hands and wrists.

Who is Powerball:

Since 2005 Powerball develops devices for training and recovery from injuries of hands, wrists and forearms. Powerball is used by musicians, tennis players, golfers, climbers and all those who need to strengthen their forearms. Powerball is indicated for the rehabilitation and prevention of carpal tunnel and epicondylitis.


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