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11,00 € 9,46 €
Argon is a carabiner dedicated to people who seek extreme lightness and the slightest dimensions.

8,90 € 7,83 €
The new body design of the Orbit Lock adds strength and rigidity while maintaining a truly utilitarian size for everything from anchors to rigging to attaching auto-blocking belay devices where a compact D tends to fit better than larger HMS style carabiners. The patented SphereLock closure minimizes play between the gate and nose for enhanced safety and...

11,00 € 9,46 €
Aluminium connector with screw sleeve and Keylock system.

12,00 € 9,00 €
A compact style of oval carabiner with an exceptional strength to weight ratio. Features a keylock screw gate closure.

10,00 € 8,60 €
Oval aluminium carabiner with a circular section which makes it recommended for use with mobile devices

8,00 € 7,04 €
At 22 grams, the Nano 22 is the lightest fully-functional carabiner on the market with unique attributes that set it apart from other smaller carabiners.

2,50 € 2,20 €
CE certified steel oval quick links for industrial rigging and anchors. Zinc plating helps prevent rust in humid environments. The 8 mm requires a 14 mm open-end wrench. The 10 mm requires a 17 mm open-end wrench.

19,95 € 17,56 €
Hot-forged light alloy HMS carabiner with screwgate, conceived for use in trad and sport climb and mountaineering in general.

13,20 € 11,62 €
Light alloy HMS carabiner with screwgate, designed for use in trad and sport climb and mountaineering in general.

2,50 € 2,13 €
The Maillon acts as the interface between the climbing wall and express sling. The chain link is made from galvanized steel and is certified to EN standards.

5,80 € 5,16 €
Little helpers at crux sections: these small, at carabiners (7.5 cm) in various colors are not suitable for climbing, but they do make perfect key fobs, for example. 

16,00 € 13,28 €
The Sentinel is compact and lightweight, but has a large internal volume and long top bar that allow multiple knots or thick sling attachments.

11,40 € 10,03 €
The Photon Lock is the anchor biner of choice for alpinists and multi-pitch climbers.

14,40 € 12,67 €
One of the lightest locking carabiners in the world. The HMS Nitro Lock, featuring an updated body design and thinner gate, has been optimized to maximize both safety and performance. The design offers an optimal area for working with the Italian hitch knot (HMS) and increases the strength in open gate and minor axis positions.

4,00 € 3,52 €
stainless steel oval quick links for setting up rappels, equipping anchors and fixing quickdraws.

11,80 € 9,20 €
A step forward in carabiner evolution, the Dyon uses a proprietary two-part gate to combine the benefits of smooth wire gate action with a keylocking closure.

12,00 € 10,68 €
Robust and stylish HMS carabiner with Key Lock nose and Screw Gate locking mechanism.

18,00 € 16,02 €
Small, robust screwgate biner with steel insert at the apex. Prevents premature wear and burrs or sharp edges. Ideal for personal protection use, e.g. clipping into a belay anchor.

9,00 € 7,56 €
The wiregate carabiner that started it all, the updated HotWire employs a cold-forged construction and features a versatile shape for all-around performance.

19,10 € 16,81 €
Light alloy HMS carabiner with triplex twist-lock gate, designed for use in trad and sport climb and mountaineering in general.
Showing 1 - 20 of 66 items