Pitons - Rock anchors

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10,00 € 8,80 €
Forged from Carbon steel.Deformable in order to follow the irregularity of the cracks.Universal shape with 45° angled head.

8,85 € 7,79 €
These tiny angle pitons are invaluable for protecting shallow cracks and old pin scars. No need to hacksaw and grind regular angles, we've done it for you!

8,36 € 7,36 €
Made from NiCrMo steel, blanked and bent.For the thinnest cracks.

8,85 € 7,79 €
The U shape of the shaft on the Corner piton adds an additional holding force by creating spring tension when the piton is driven into a crack proportionately smaller than its width.

29,51 € 25,97 €
Shock absorbing draws that engages at 2.5 kN and reduces the impact force of a fall by up to 50%. Rubber keeper on the rope end keeps the clipping biner securely in place. Nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements

69,67 € 61,31 €
The Brenta is a compact hammer with a large face and good heft in the head for quickly driving home pitons. The pick is designed for cleaning cracks, pasting heads, and levering out pitons. The chromoly steel shaft is indestructible and the thick rubber grip dampens vibrations.Hot-forged chromoly steel with chrome plating to prevent rust New elastic...
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items