The new BarryHeart 3.4 software offers the following advantages for MAMMUT Barryvox ARTVA devices

DEVICE-TO-DEVICE UPDATE - allows device-to-device upgrades to the BarryHeart 3.x firmware

GROUP CHECK - quick and easy checking of functionality

PRO CHECK - checks a wide range of signal parameters (Barryvox S only)

ALTERNATIVE SEARCH MODE - with 9 amplifying stages for reliable and maximum resolution of the analog tone while searching (Barryvox S only)

Group Test
The intuitive Barryvox group test allows for a quick and easy check of the transmit frequency and activated SEND mode of all avalanche transceivers when starting a tour. The distance from the transceiver to be controlled is indicated on the display, clearly distinguishing the individual devices in the control of the Barryvox group. Similarly to partner check-in, we recommend carrying out the group check before the start of each tour to verify that all avalanche transceivers are functioning correctly.

Transmission confirmation

If space restrictions make it impossible to carry out a group check, a minimum test can be performed to verify that all avalanche transceivers of all participants are activated.

Barryvox S Pro Check
The Barryvox S Pro Check allows quick and accurate calculation of the transmit frequency, cycle time and pulse width of the avalanche transceiver prior to a tour. This feature offers additional security, particularly in cases where some members of a group are using older antenna devices 1 and 2. Ensures immediate detection of all non-compliant avalanche transceivers.

Barryvox S alternative search mode (analog)
The alternative search mode shows the distance and direction of the avalanche transceiver with the strongest signal and reproduces the analog search tone. This mode is mainly used when reliable differentiation of transceivers of multiple buried subjects is no longer possible in standard mode.

Optimization of interference resistance
Thanks to the high resistance to interference of the Barryvox transceiver, electronic devices (smartphones, headlights, radios, etc.) very rarely cause inaccurate direction and distance indications (ghost signals) in searches for buried subjects

Performance improvement:
The BarryHeart 3.0 Firmware Update optimizes the following features:

  • Accuracy and speed of signal analysis
  • Stability of the marking function in case of overlapping signals
  • Direction display after reception of the first signal (improved behavior in case of errors of 180 °)
  • Creation and stability of the list of buried subjects
  • Battery life display

Main new features

BarryHeart 3.4 (2020)

Alternative Search Mode: Better sound quality and easier interpretation of analog tone control (Barryvox S only)
Batteries: Optimized battery recognition and support for high voltage alkaline batteries
Service Software: More stable w-link connection to service tools
Performance increase: better signal separation in complex search scenarios with long signal overlaps or transmitters with continuous carrier signals

BarryHeart 3.2 (2019)

Smart Search: simplified visual interface (Barryvox S only)
Pro Check: more accurate measurements (Barryvox S only)
Alternative Search Mode: Better Acoustics than Analog Tone (Barryvox S only)
Batteries: Optimized battery life, especially at low temperatures
Performance Boost: better signal analysis, optimized structure of the buried list, display of battery capacity

BarryHeart 3.0 (2018)

Device-to-device update
Group control including display of the distance to the tested device
Pro Check: calculation of the transmission frequency, cycle duration and pulse duration of an avalanche transceiver (Barryvox S only)
Alternative Search Mode: 9 gain steps for maximum analog tone resolution (Barryvox S only)
Interference resistance optimized for a more stable display of direction and distance indication
Performance Boost: better signal analysis, stability of the marking function, optimized direction display after receiving the first signal