Bottles, Thermos and hydration systems for Mountaineering and Hiking.

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The hydration system   Hoser by Platypus is ultralight and minimalist. Compatible with almost any backpack and is ideal for various activities, from day trips to cycling to skiing excursions. The 2019 version includes a new valve that allows a 30% increase in flow

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Clean, tasteless, ecological and flexible. It cannot be more than that. Whether you're taking part in a marathon, yoga class after work or while waiting for the plane, the portable SoftBottle Push Pull is your best resource for hydration!

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The Soft Flask by CAMP is a soft bottle. Convenient and very useful to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum. The 600m version is also equipped with a practical valve that facilitates effortless hydration.

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The SoftBottle of Platypus is clean, tasteless, ecological and flexible.

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Thermos Stanley, the certainty of always having a hot drink with you. The Adventure Vacuum thermos guarantees to keep your drink hot even after 24 h !!!

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The Soft Flask 500 bottle by Grivel is a soft bottle of 500 ml, light but at the same time resistant. Designed to minimize space and to ensure maximum versatility.

SoftBottle, Clean, tasteless, ecological and flexible. A flexible bottle always at your disposal.

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SILVA Keep Vacuum Flask you are always ready for a hot beverage to boost your body and mind with some energy when outdoors.

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Ideal bottle for hiking, running and cycling. The version with straw is equipped with a pressure valve that prevents the contents from leaking out, however allowing you to drink without having to open any caps.

SoftBottle, Clean, tasteless, ecological and flexible. You can't do more than that. If you participate in a marathon, yoga class after work or while waiting for the plane, the SoftBottle Closure Cap 1L Portable Logo is your best resource to hydrate yourself!

Snap closure with the push of a finger. 18/8 stainless steel, they guarantee vacuum insulation and are suitable for any mountaineering activity. Lightweight and easy to carry.

The Big Zip EVO is the latest evolution of the bags that do not alter the taste of the water. In this latest version, the flow of water has been increased by 50% compared to the previous generation of the Big Zip LP, making it even more efficient and appreciated by users, whether mountaineers, hikers or cyclists.
Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items