Practical accessories to better fit your harness

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7,40 € 6,51 €
HUB - Tools carabiner Fits on most climbing harness waist belts Convenient racking for ice screws and toolsA wire gate racking carabiner with a wide gate opening and super smooth gate action designed to carry up to six ice screws. The Hub is also superior to a traditional holster for carrying ice tools that have modern shapes or leashes—just clip...

11,50 € 10,01 €
Door material handy and innovative. It can be also applied to harnesses that do not have the ring to accommodate the door material. Innovative also leverage to extractand store the material that lets you do not operate the lever.

9,00 € 7,56 €
Compatible with nearly any climbing harness, the Black Diamond Ice Clipper sits flat against the waistbelt for the most functional and popular ice screw holder around. 

10,90 € 9,59 €
Hammer Holder that can be attached securely to any size belt or harness. Durable nylon webbing construction.

29,89 € 26,00 €
New design.

10,00 € 8,80 €
Universal holder for ice screws and tools, suitable for all types of harnesses

6,00 € 5,28 €
Mounts to the harness via waistbelt slots or straps, the CARITOOL tool holder allows one-handed access, organization and sorting of tools.
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items