Ice Screw and Accessories

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18,03 € 15,87 €
Dyneema quickdraw for ice screws.

61,48 € 54,72 €
Ultra-light ice screw reduces every possible gram of weight for mountaineering.

45,90 € 38,56 €
The easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet, the Black Diamond Express Ice Screw features a tapered tube where the teeth cut a hole just larger than the tube itself, for less friction during placements.

12,30 € 10,82 €
Lightweight hook for threading Abalakov anchors and removing ice from the tube of an ice screw. The stiff shaft and sharp hook make threading quick and easy.

62,30 € 52,33 €
The lightest ice screw in the world, the new BD Ultralights are crucial for fast and light objectives in the mountains. Built for ski mountaineers, glacial travel, and gram-shaving alpinists, these screws feature an aluminum body with steel tip and an innovative wire-gate color-coded Express handles to differentiate length

9,84 € 8,26 €
A convenient and space-efficient screw carrier.

16,80 € 14,62 €
New tool to remove the ice core frozen inside ice screws.Fold-out hook to pull cord through Abalakov anchor (V-thread) and retractable blade to cut cord or sling material. Clip it to your harness or stash inside a screw (soft plastic material won’t scratch a screw’s surface finish).

29,51 € 25,97 €
Shock absorbing draws that engages at 2.5 kN and reduces the impact force of a fall by up to 50%. Rubber keeper on the rope end keeps the clipping biner securely in place. Nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements

10,66 € 9,27 €
Ice Screw Protection. Good protection for the sharp and delicate tips of ice screws during transport.

63,52 € 55,27 €
The new 360° 12 cm screw can benefit all ice climbers. In situations where safety depends on speedy screw placement (crevasse rescue or steep ice) the 360’s sharp bite and easy starting are quite reassuring. 

23,93 € 20,82 €
Soft rubber ice screw carrier. Protects not just the screw but also the alpinist’s clothing.
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items