Ice Screw and Accessories

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56,00 € 47,04 €
The easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet, the Black Diamond Express Ice Screw features a tapered tube where the teeth cut a hole just larger than the tube itself, for less friction during placements.

22,80 € 20,06 €
Dyneema quickdraw for ice screws.

76,00 € 63,84 €
The lightest ice screw in the world, the new BD Ultralights are crucial for fast and light objectives in the mountains. Built for ski mountaineers, glacial travel, and gram-shaving alpinists, these screws feature an aluminum body with steel tip and an innovative wire-gate color-coded Express handles to differentiate length

12,00 € 10,08 €
A convenient and space-efficient screw carrier.

15,00 € 13,20 €
Lightweight hook for threading Abalakov anchors and removing ice from the tube of an ice screw. The stiff shaft and sharp hook make threading quick and easy.

20,50 € 17,84 €
New tool to remove the ice core frozen inside ice screws.Fold-out hook to pull cord through Abalakov anchor (V-thread) and retractable blade to cut cord or sling material. Clip it to your harness or stash inside a screw (soft plastic material won’t scratch a screw’s surface finish).

70,00 € 61,60 €
Ultra-light ice screw reduces every possible gram of weight for mountaineering.

13,00 € 11,31 €
Ice Screw Protection. Good protection for the sharp and delicate tips of ice screws during transport.

29,20 € 25,40 €
Soft rubber ice screw carrier. Protects not just the screw but also the alpinist’s clothing.

35,90 € 31,59 €
Shock absorbing draws that engages at 2.5 kN and reduces the impact force of a fall by up to 50%. Rubber keeper on the rope end keeps the clipping biner securely in place. Nylon shell protects the stitching from the elements

30,00 € 25,20 €
For easy, one-and-done V-threads, the Black Diamond First Shot Ice Screw Guide gives you an accurate screw-angle guide and a folding cord hook-all in one compact, simple tool. 
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items