Pure chalk for maximum grip even in very hot and high humidity conditions.

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Liquid chalk with long-lasting effect. Drying effect of liquid chalk lasts twice as long as the effect of usual crushed chalk.

$6.27 $5.52
Magnesite CAMP in high quality powder that guarantees a durable coverage in all situations.

$6.06 $5.15
Beal Roll Grip is a liquid magnesite that guarantees excellent grip. It is composed of at least 78% of isopropyl alcohol and is therefore suitable for performing a hand sanitizing function in the gym and on the rock.

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Super fine chalk Velvet by CAMP ensures uniform coverage for precision climbing.

$7.62 $6.71
Quick-drying alcohol-based liquid CMAP chalk (> 70%), which guarantees a lasting base for bouldering and longer pitches.

Chalk Powder 200gr Tested by professionals and recommended for all those for who maximum grip is important. High quality crushed pure magnesium chalk, suitable for all varieties of vertical sport. Gripseal bag 200gr

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Alcohol-based (> 70%) quick drying liquid chalk CAMP, with added rosin for superior grip. It guarantees a lasting ground for bouldering and longer and more demanding pitches.

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With a classic, cylindrical design, pliable wire rim and a TPU lower for added abrasion resistance and durability, the Black Diamond Mojo Chalk Bag is our go-to chalk bag for everyday functionality from the boulders to the big walls. The included webbing belt with a quick-release buckle makes for fast on and off.

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Our white chalk is specifically blended for climbing to keep sweat at bay, ensuring maximum grip no matter how hot or humid it gets. Available in packaging 100/200/300 gr.

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Basic Magnesite holder that facilitates use thanks to the deep cut and the opening that stays in shape.

Crushed magnesium specially designed for climbing. It has been used during the climbing world cup and on the hardest routes. It is supplied in a practical plastic jar with a screw cap and second inner lid to minimize the risk of spillage.
Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items