Quickdraw for modern alpinism and free climbing of all brands

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12,00 € 9,00 €
New design.

12,00 € 8,76 €
Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality/price ratio. Robust, ideal for sport climb.

20,25 € 17,82 €
Ultra-light and compact quickdraws, only 56 g in the 12 cm version! Ideal for multi-pitch route and multi-pitch sport climb, where weight makes a difference. Equipped with extremely compact sized hotforged Fly-Weight carabiners with wire gate for easy rope insertion. The wire gate facilitates rope insertion and prevents the gate from oscillating in case...

16,90 € 12,50 €
Our most sophisticated quickdraw for sport climbing at the highest level. The Dyon Mixed Express KS utilizes the tried and true Photon straight gate carabiner for the bolt end and our high-end Dyon KeyWire carabiner for the rope end. 

19,60 € 14,70 €
The Dyon Express KS is a benchmark draw that incorporates our high-end Dyon carabiners for super smooth clipping and cleaning.

29,60 € 24,57 €
The Alpha Pro is robust and strong enough to cope with the typical sport climbing scenarios, but what really makes it stand out from the crowd is its exceptional handling qualities.

31,00 € 25,73 €
The Alpha Trad excels in Summer and Winter, from cragging to expeditions and everything in between. The beautifully hot forged ergonomic back combines with the clean nose wire gate to provide an easy clipping, fumble-free, anti-snag biner.

12,90 € 8,90 €
Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality/price ratio. Robust and lightweight, ideal for various sport climb and mountaineering uses.

30,00 € 25,50 €
Edelrid - Bulletproof Set 18cm , Our extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw set with steel insert in lower carabiner to prevent premature wear.

23,00 € 20,24 €
A compact, ultra light (only 68 g) and versatile quickdraw intended both for trad and sport climbing. Conceived to make sure the rope runs correctly over roofs, aretes, on traverses or simply to ensure spacing from the rock. Can be used as a 60 cm long quickdraw or quickly converted to 30 cm length. Consists of two FLY-WEIGHT EVO karabiners and a 60 cm...
Showing 1 - 12 of 55 items