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$11.82 $7.83
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio and mixed and versatile composition, ideal for climbing on sight.

$1.92 $1.69
New innovative shaped rubber fastener for quickdraw slings (patent pending). It secures the lower carabiner of the quickdraw to the sling, preventing the accidental rotation and keeps it on the axis. It also protects the sling from wear and tear.

$12.69 $11.16
Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality/price ratio. Robust and lightweight, ideal for various sport climb and mountaineering uses.

$11.82 $10.40
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio. Lightweight and ideal for multi-pitch sport routes.

$11.82 $7.83
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio. Sturdy, light and ideal for working shots.

$3.27 $3.27
Extremely light and durable 10 mm Dyneema quickdraw sling.

$19.13 $13.26
Fixe Orion V2, high level quickdraws for sport climbing made up of an Orion carabiner with a curved lever on the rope side and Orion carabiner with a straight lever on the anchor side. With ergonomic nylon webbing.

$4.42 $3.89
11 mm Dyneema® tapes for quickdraws, to reduce weight and bulk. They are equipped with Karstop Evo: a TPU snap-hook, of innovative design, integrated into the slings and therefore extremely effective, functional and immovable. The upper slot, for the carabiner to be attached to the anchor, allows the postponement to follow the course of the rope.

$17.78 $15.65
A good draw for long routes should be: Light - they are being carried a long way. Compact - sometimes you need to carry a lot of them. Versatile - you never know what big routes will throw at you. Functional - easy to use in any situation. The Mach Express excels in each of these areas as one of the lightest trad draws on the market and by far the most...

$14.89 $11.85
The Ring Sling quickdraw of Fixe is a classic long quickdraw for mountaineering. Lightweight and versatile, it is 60 cm long and built with 8 mm dyneema webbing.

$16.34 $14.38
The Alpine Express combines two Photon Wire super-light carabiners and a versatile 60 cm webbing ring.

$2.98 $2.98
Lightweight and durable 11 mm Dyneema quickdraw sling.Available lengths: 12 cm, 17 cm e 22 cm.Strength: 22 kN.
Showing 1 - 12 of 87 items