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$13.52 $10.14
8.3mm Dynamic rope sling for clipping in, equalising a belay or extending an anchor point.

$124.32 $101.94
Lightweight, performance orientated single rope for use at the crag. Its diameter makes the ZENITH 9.5 run smoothly through karabiners, therefore making it easier to clip.

$117.41 $97.45
Robust, all-round single rope with unbeatable price / quality ratio. 

$99.45 $84.54
Lightweight and supple double rope for long routes. Its feel improves the LEGEND 8.3’s level of safety when belaying.

$14.80 $11.69
A durable clip-in for big wall efficiency 140 cm.

$166.75 $100.05
Light half and twin rope with a small diameter and low impact force. The 8.0 Phoenix DRY is available in three treatment categories and is therefore suitable for all alpine pursuits from multi-pitch climbs on rock to north faces covered in snow and ice.

$166.75 $108.38
Triple-certified high-end rope for sports and alpine climbing at the highest level! With a diameter of 8.7 mm and weighing only 51 g/m the 8.7 Serenity is one of the thinnest and lightest single ropes.

$157.86 $118.40
All-round rope for a huge range of applications. The 9.8 Eternity is the first choice when a very versatile rope with perfect handling is required.  

$345.33 $265.90
A rope developed specially for glacier trekking and for skiers and mountaineers - suitable for rappelling, haul maneuvers or crevasse rescues.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items