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The most advanced and powerful tools to always ensure the maximum control of your rope.

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7,99 € 6,87 €
Multipurpose hot-forged aluminum plate for use with single, double and twin ropes.

9,02 € 7,93 €
Auto-Locking belay for one or two followersMultipurpose belay and rappel plate forged from aluminum alloy. Can be used with single, double and twin ropes and can be set up as an auto-locking belay for two seconds.

19,67 € 17,31 €
The Più 2 is designed to deliver optimal performance with the new generation of skinny ropes that have gained popularity in recent years. Using a variable notched design with smooth teeth on the brake side of the device along with narrower slots for the rope, the Piu 2 locks onto skinny ropes with more friction than other tube-style devices.

106,56 € 99,56 €
The only automatically locking belay device which has a completely panic-proof locking mechanism.

24,18 € 21,04 €
The Pro Guide Lite is remarkably lightweight device has been trimmed of all excess. It handle a vast range of ropes from 7.7mm alpine cords upwards. It's perfect for bringing up twin followers and locks perfectly with every fall. The tool is simple to release under load. For use in mountain and crag environments by alpinists and adventure climbers, is...

98,36 € 77,36 €
Assisted-braking resistor to increase rope friction when there is a large weight difference between belayer and lead climber. In the event of a fall, the OHM increases the amount of rope friction so that a lighter belayer can hold a heavier lead climber without difficulty.

57,38 € 51,07 €
Designed for the experienced belayer, the GRIGRI is a belay device with assisted braking designed for belaying both in the gym and at the crag. Compact and lightweight, it can be used with single ropes from 8.5 - 11mm. The assisted braking function improves comfort while belaying, holding a climber or catching a fall. The design of the handled camming...

22,95 € 18,85 €
Multiuse belay / abseil device with innovative and compact desig, suitable for use with half, twin and single ropes for mountaineering, multi-pitch sport climbing and trad routes.

28,69 € 25,53 €
Our most versatile belay and abseil device made of solid stainless steel for durability.

45,08 € 40,12 €
The perfect combination for maximum safety: The Smart 2.0 reliably blocks the climbing rope in case of a fall, while the safety gate prevents the Smart HMS from twisting in the belay loop of the climbing harness.

45,08 € 42,83 €
Our most versatile belay and abseil device made of solid stainless steel for durability.

75,41 € 58,41 €
ALPINE UP is the most complete and versatile belay / rappel device ever produced. It has been developed especially for mountaineering and it can be used with half, twin and single ropes. Extremely advantageous, it allows self-locking abseiling and it can be used in three different belay modes, depending on the terrain.
Showing 1 - 12 of 44 items