Belay device

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$26.60 $22.61
Multiuse belay / abseil device with innovative and compact desig, suitable for use with half, twin and single ropes for mountaineering, multi-pitch sport climbing and trad routes.

$20.01 $17.01
Scream is the ultralight and compact multipurpose plate, specially made for small ropes (5-8 mm).

$40.99 $34.84
Duck, the innovative emergency rope clamp.Conceived for single ropes with a diameter between 8 and 13 mm, Duck is the first and only clamp that also works on flat and tubular slings from 10 to 15 mm width

$72.33 $61.48
Ultralight pulley / blocker designed for use in rope maneuvers in mountaineering and in rescue and self-rescue situations.

$89.88 $80.89
Belay device with assisted braking and anti-panic handle, for all single rope diameters (8.5 to 11 mm) designed for all climbers, for both indoor and outdoor climbing. The reduction handle offers exceptional descent control. Two usage modes to choose from, depending on need: top-rope belay or lead belay.

$21.70 $18.44
Plate set Kong Gi-Gi composed of carabiner plate D and oval carabiner.

$40.18 $36.17
Belay device with a simple and intuitive use that ensures effective locking of the rope up to its 2.0 version.

$24.11 $17.64
The Pro Guide Lite is remarkably lightweight device has been trimmed of all excess. It handle a vast range of ropes from 7.7mm alpine cords upwards. It's perfect for bringing up twin followers and locks perfectly with every fall. The tool is simple to release under load. For use in mountain and crag environments by alpinists and adventure climbers, is...

$20.90 $17.76
The Più 2 is designed to deliver optimal performance with the new generation of skinny ropes that have gained popularity in recent years. Using a variable notched design with smooth teeth on the brake side of the device along with narrower slots for the rope, the Piu 2 locks onto skinny ropes with more friction than other tube-style devices.

$56.26 $50.63
Ultralight pulley with stop. Designed for lifting loads, crevasse rescue operations or as an emergency mast.

$80.45 $68.38
CLICK UP + is an innovative belay device with manual assisted-braking, especially designed for indoor and crag climbing.

$65.42 $50.71
Click Up is an innovative belay device developed for sport climbing. It is simple to use and its innovative design has safety features that prevent mistakes. Easy to use, intuitive and safe, it is extremely lightweight and compact.
Showing 1 - 12 of 53 items