The Ice axe is the emblem of Alpinism

The ice axe is the emblem of mountain climbing. It's the tool that has had a very important development. 

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114,67 € 100,91 €
The X-Light takes the same quality forged components and profiled geometries as the X-Dream and X-All Mountain tools, but simplifies the shaft to make it the most suitable axe for low-angle terrain typical of light and fast technical ascents.

45,82 € 40,32 €
The new X-Dream Alpine Handle has an integrated spike to optimize the tool for alpine climbing and use in cane position. Sold separately so climbers with the original X-Dream tools can swap handles according to specific objectives

106,48 € 92,63 €
A new version of the lightest, forged steel ice axe in the world. The shaft resists 280kg when tested according to the UIAA methods, and is finished with a new asymmetrical steel spike. Air Tech Racing is for people who want the lightest possible tool but are not willing to sacrifice the strength and durability of a genuine, forged Chromolly steel head.

186,89 € 164,46 €
The X-Dream Alpine is the alpine climbing version of the award-winning X-Dream ice tool. It features the same innovative design and geometry that have made the X-Dream so popular, with the addition of the alpine handle that incorporates a spike designed for use in the cane position. The result is a fully optimized tool for technical ice, mixed climbing,...

42,62 € 37,51 €
The original X-Dream handle with no spike (standard on the original X-Dream) for the best clearance on technical ice and mixed terrain. Sold separately so climbers can modify their X-Dream Alpine tools for dry-tooling and technical ice.

57,30 € 49,85 €
G-Zero is a very light ice axe for classical alpinism that still has all the characteristics of a Grivel ice axe, one piece head that provides maximum strength and minimal weight.

158,11 € 134,40 €
Designed primarily for technical mountaineering and for ice climbing.

162,75 € 143,22 €
Technical ice axe designed for ice climbing and technical mountaineering. Icefalls, north faces and goulottes are all ideal terrain for this ice axe. The possibility to fully modulate the tool with various accessories gives it a unique versatility within its category. The lightness and the precise balance makes this piece of equipment suitable for both...

147,54 € 129,84 €
The X-All Mountain ice tool came onto the scene in 2010 and changed expectations about how tools should swing and penetrate ice.

98,36 € 87,54 €
Combining the advantages of a classic guides’ ice tool with a more technical design for steep ice. The foldout hand rest is ideal for more technical passages or leashless climbing.

220,49 € 191,83 €
The North Machine is a lightweight technical tool designed with the most ambitious alpinist in mind.

188,52 € 146,52 €
Completely redesigned for maximum versatility on the myriad demands of winter climbing, the Black Diamond Viper Ice Tool is an easy-swinging, all-around too
Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items