Technical accessories for the mountain

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Energy bar with a brownie flavor. Perfect for quick energy recharge, when you need it. Tasteful, sweet and abundant. Also an excellent snack. Vegetarian

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Harness knife of Edelrid. A high quality knife that can be conveniently attached to the harness via a carabiner.

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The Pulled pork of Real Turmat is the classic rice-based pork stew. REAL meals are made with 100% natural, highly nutritious ingredients dedicated to active people who love nature . Our meals are light, vacuum packed and have an excellent flavor . Enjoy your hot meal straight from the envelope. Lactose and gluten free

53,00 € 39,90 €
The Essential Light Mat is our lightest, most compact mat for hikers who need to cut space and weight everywhere possible. Because there is no foam, it rolls down to less than 2% of its inflated size and the 100% polyamide exterior allows it to be both strong and hyperlight at the same time. Two valves (one plastic, one brass) speed up inflation and...

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A hyperlight and compact pack for carrying the essentials on intense excursions like day hikes or peak bagging. External bungee straps can be used to compress loads and carry layers and an elastic cord attaches trekking poles. The new superlight fabric features a very high tensile strength and extra protection from moisture and abrasion. the Ghost packs...

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Ideal sleeping bag to improve the hygiene and comfort termico of your sleeping bag or for overnight stays in shelters and hostels.

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Pure silk sleeping bag liner which ensures unique thermal comfort. This ultra light and space saving silk liner is the ideal solution for the most demanding users.

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Pure cotton sleeping bag liner, perfect to keep your sleeping bag fresh and clean.

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The new Nordic generation of sleeping bags are developed for accasional hikers.

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Gaiter made of Cordura® and Jaquard Weave 500D

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Highly powerful headlamp for demanding activities in the dark. Thanks to integrated sensors, the headlamp automatically adjusts the luminosity to the ambient light. The luminosity can also be controlled with a simple hand movement without actually touching the headlamp.

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The backpack Mammut Nirvana 25 is a compact freeriding backpack with extensive features and a great fit.
Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items