Ski poles designed for maximum performance

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$52.17 $44.35
Super light hiking pole, only 200g per piece!

$80.27 $68.23
The Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro ski pole is highly adjustable and incredibly functional.

$61.96 $55.77
The Plixi di Ferrino are technical and telescopic poles equipped with a tilting wheel which makes it ideal for use in the presence of snow

$72.16 $61.33
The Grivel Ski Tour Vario ski poles are adjustable with two sections. They are adjustable from 110 to 140 cm, made of 16 and 14 mm 7075 aluminum, designed for those who love ski touring and cross-country skiing.

$68.23 $57.99
The Black Diamond Trail Trek poles feature an updated EVA foam grip for added comfort and the fusion comfort strap for added safety and improved handling.

$52.17 $44.35
The CAMP Ski Track pole is a telescopic aluminum pole designed for outdoor winter activities and in particular for ski mountaineering.

$72.24 $61.40
The Black Diamond Trail Cork poles are built to be used over 4 seasons and expertly balances comfort, features and durability.

$96.32 $81.87
The Black Diamond Crack gloves can boast a unique fit. Using 3D patterns that offers an articulated fit and with a synthetic suede for maximum abrasion resistance and breathability, BD Crack gloves manage to ensure a perfect fit.

$56.19 $47.76
The Black Diamond Traverse ski pole is a highly adjustable and incredibly functional classic built entirely of aluminum.

$120.40 $90.04
Durable, packable and highly versatile, the Alpine FLZ Pole is now improved with our new SlideLock adjustable technology, making it easier to use.

$72.24 $61.40
A versatile two-section ski touring pole designed for skiing but capable in all four seasons for on and off piste activities.

$57.23 $51.51
Three section trekking poles, excellent for mountaineering and ski touring.
Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items