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9,90 € 9,41 €
Standard replacement straps for the heel straps for Paragon ™ bindings and all straps on PosiLock snowshoe bindings.

34,00 € 27,90 €
The Ice Master is a great tool for preventing dangerous slips and falls on ice covered surfaces. Four sizes attach to any kind of boot or shoe and the steel points offer a secure and precise grip on uneven terrain. For those times when you need improved traction, the Ice Master is a convenient and affordable choice.

5,50 € 4,62 €
We have updated the ski lanyards by extending them by 2.5cm and with new colors. Useful not only for tying skis together but for a thousand uses. Perfect for any ski from the narrowest to the widest

3,47 € 2,95 €
Kevlar cord with a diameter of 5.5 mm. Resistant and high-tight, ideal for climbing. For sale by the meter.

16,90 € 15,04 €
Offers complete and easy field maintainability of all MSR snowshoe

7,00 € 5,95 €
MSR IsoPro is a performance-boosting, 80/20 blend of isobutane and propane, with the purest isobutane (5% or less n-butane) of any canister fuel. 

65,00 € 55,25 €
Crampons for greater grip in the presence of iceCrampon available in different sizes, compatible with any Dynafit binding. It attaches to the binding quickly and easily and guarantees additional grip and safety in the presence of ice.

159,00 € 125,00 €
Technical approach shoe designed for alpine guides and mountain operators looking for a performing product in approach and climbing.

220,00 € 181,00 €
Design meets function. The new ZOOM stands for the latest digital 3-antenna technology, packaged in an intuitive, contemporary design.