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7,38 € 7,01 €
In case of dangerous situations, an avalanche airbag must be deployed quickly and reliable. You can use the Airbag 3.0 Trigger Test Tool to deploy your airbag without using up a cartridge. The tool lets you familiarize yourself with the airbag system and practice deployment.

131,15 € 116,72 €
Air Safe is a practical, lightweight shoulder strap with integrated AirSafe respirator. Air Safe can be used when out freeriding, snowboarding or ski mountaineering, giving you extra protection in case of avalanche, together with the essential safety kit (avalanche beacon, shovel, probe).  

110,66 € 77,46 €
The essential pack. Rocker Removable Ready, The New Airbag 3.0 system means our most compact avalange airbag just got even lighter and more comfortable.

113,93 € 98,93 €
With an extremely light cartridge wrapped in carbon fiber for the most demanding requirements. When filled, this cartridge weighs just around 310 grams and therefore about 50% less than a steel or aluminum cartridge.

491,80 € 380,80 €
The essential pack. The New Airbag 3.0 system means our most compact avalange airbag just got even lighter and more comfortable, while leaving anough space for everything you need for freeriding.

490,98 € 466,43 €
Lighter to the summit. With our new Flip Removable Airbag System 3.0, the Ultralight weighs the same as a 1.5 liter bottle of water. There is space for everything you need on demanding ski tours. 

15,57 € 14,80 €
If you have an ice pick attached to the avalanche airbag backpack, make sure the airbag is protected from the spike of the ice pick. If you are caught up in an avalanche, the spike could damage the avalanche airbag. Our spike protection can be fixed to the most common spikes to protect the avalanche airbag from damages.

127,05 € 120,70 €
The Rocker Protection Airbag is roomy enough to hold all the essential items for freeriding and is very comfortable to carry thanks to its body-hugging fit.

81,97 € 68,85 €
A modern version of the classic AvaLung shoulder sling is designed to be used for backcountry safety on its own or with non-AvaLung ski packs.

860,66 € 722,95 €
The avalanche airbag for day-long tours, featuring backpanel access, a dedicated avy-tools pocket and our JetForce Technology. A revolution in airbag technology, JetForce provides an added margin of safety to your avalanche tool kit, now with updated firmware.

163,11 € 154,96 €
The Ride Removable Airbag is a genuine allrounder. Whether you are freeriding or out for a day's ski and snowboard touring, this backpack is comfortable and has everything you need in terms of technical features.
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