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$7.73 $6.96
In dangerous situations, the avalanche airbag must open quickly and must be reliable. The Airbag 3.0 Trigger Test Tool is a handle that allows you to test the opening of the airbag balloon without having to waste a cartridge.

$15.46 $14.68
If you have an ice pick attached to the avalanche airbag backpack, make sure the airbag is protected from the spike of the ice pick. If you are caught up in an avalanche, the spike could damage the avalanche airbag. Our spike protection can be fixed to the most common spikes to protect the avalanche airbag from damages.

$583.95 $525.56
The ASCENT 22 AVABAG is an extremely light avalanche backpack that includes the airbag system.

$171.75 $154.58
25 liter backpack for freeride / ski touring use with AIRSAFE respirator and RECCO reflector

$34.35 $29.20
Refill cartridge for avalanche backpacks Black Diamond Jetforce UL

$506.66 $456.00
CROSS RIDER 18 AVABAG is a light and perfect avalanche airbag backpack for descents equipped with all the important features for powder days.

$429.38 $386.44
AVABAG is the Airbag safety system used in the Ortovox backpacks. The Avabag system boasts a weight of 690 grams * which has been obtained through the innovative production technique of the airbag system. The fabric is assembled without seams and without additional airtight closures.

$188.93 $170.03
The ASCENT 22 AVABAG is an extremely light avalanche backpack that can be expanded by inserting the airbag system.

$601.13 $484.84
Pro X Airbag Black , The high-performance and highly functional backpack raises the bar in terms of comfort, material used, construction and clever features.

$601.13 $541.02
Freeride backpack with back protector and avalanche airbag

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With an extremely light cartridge wrapped in carbon fiber for the most demanding requirements. When filled, this cartridge weighs just around 310 grams and therefore about 50% less than a steel or aluminum cartridge.

$644.07 $547.46
The JetForce UL 26 backpack from Black Diamond is one of the lightest avalanche airbag backpacks on the market thanks to its innovative Alpride 2.0 cartridge system.
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items