Snowshoes for Mountaineering, Snow Board Mountaineering and Trekking

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$9.71 $9.23
Standard replacement straps for the heel straps for Paragon ™ bindings and all straps on PosiLock snowshoe bindings.

$9.71 $9.23
Replacement laces for thick shoes such as snowboard boots, compatible with all Classic snowshoes with Posilock bindings and for all pre-2010 snowshoes. Not suitable for Posilock AT bindings.

Offers complete and easy field maintainability of all MSR snowshoe

$58.86 $55.92
Spare crampon for MSR snowshoes with HyperLink connection. Available for Right or Left racquet. Regular or Man size

DuoFit EVO replacement crampon for snowshoes MSR. Available for Right or Left racquet.

Evo Tail, the tail to increase the tightness of the beautiful snowshoe MSR EVO!

Paragon Binding Mesh Strap Kit. Replacement mesh straps for MSR® Paragon ™ snowshoe bindings.

$205.91 $158.04
The ExoTract structure of the MSR Revo Trail snowshoes combine external traction blades with the unique torsional flex of the plastic for maximum control.

Code MSR for Lightning series snowshoes; increase the buoyancy of your snowshoes.

Tails for snowshoes MSR Revo Tail. It widens the support surface ensuring greater buoyancy.

$186.29 $143.21
Robust and efficient snowshoes for optimal grip and maximum performance. Unibody Traction with integrated steel blades ensures a secure and long-lasting grip on snow and ice.
Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items