The Grivel Mistral harness was born from the need to have a product suitable for crossings on glaciers, for ski mountaineering, for fast and light mountaineering, for north faces and for expeditions at high altitude.

These are the key points on which the Mistral harness was designed:

Weight less than 200 grams,

Fit with skis and crampons on the feet,

Comfort especially in the critical area of the leg loops,

Ease of use both in wearing it and in the practice of different activities with different types and thickness of clothing.

From this research, a new material derived from technical sailing fabrics was introduced, it is a fabric that contains intertwined aramid filaments.

It was chosen to equip it with a single central point with two absolutely innovative and technically sophisticated devices: the central point is not fixed on the belt but can slide freely, always positioning itself in the center without requiring the double buckle to allow ample adjustment, in addition there are two levels of adjustment of the length of the bridge by inserting the webbing of the belt in two slots in the bridge that rises from the leg loops.

Mistral is designed to be worn over layers of clothing, so no padding has been inserted. 3 sizes called 1/2/3 and not S / M / L have been identified in order not to confuse users as there is no perfect match and a size 1 can also be suitable for those who normally use an M given the wide possibility adjustment especially at the waist.

Mistral gives the possibility to take off the overpants while remaining tied to the rope when belaying or on the glacier, which is important for safety and also comfortable for the personal needs of both sexes.

A light but also super comfortable harness that fits in the fist of one hand, with sophisticated material technologies.