Helmets designed to be used in Free Ride and Ski Mountaineering.

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$12.51 $10.63
replacement part for Kosmos helmet

$95.89 $81.51
The Speed Comp is the new competition version of our popular Speed 2.0 helmet—updated in accordance with the new ISMF rules that state that helmets must meet both EN 12492 standards for alpinism and EN 1077/B  standards for alpine skiing. The dual certification guarantees a higher level of safety for athletes, especially improved from the old standard for...

$16.59 $14.10
Ear protection kit that converts the Speed Comp helmet to a full-coverage downhill ski helmet. Attaches to the helmet with a simple, secure system. Made from soft padded fabric, with insulation to protect the ears from the cold and wind.

$29.18 $21.89
The helmet Holder Pro can be completely closed, protecting and storing different sized helmets for skiing, alpine climbing or mountaineering.

$86.72 $69.38
The Kong Kosmos Full helmet is the first helmet with triple certification: climbing, skiing and cycling / skate.

$112.15 $41.45
The ALPINA MAROI is a compact modern freeride helmet with a distinctive shape.

$107.57 $80.67
The Salice ICE helmet comes from a right mix of high-tech construction materials, a compact shape and a modern look.

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The helmet holder can be flexibly attached to the exterior of a Mammut® backpack. Its flexible material holds stowed helmets securely on the backpack and allows an easy transportation.

$91.31 $29.76
The Alpina Grap 2.0 Lilac-Classic is a classic. Style, comfort and an unbeatable fit make up the recipe for success that has already sold a million Alpina helmets.
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items