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9,84 € 7,38 €
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio. Sturdy, light and ideal for working shots.

9,84 € 7,38 €
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio and mixed and versatile composition, ideal for climbing on sight.

5,55 € 3,88 €
Pre-cut Beal cords available in different diameters.

9,84 € 8,66 €
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio. Lightweight and ideal for multi-pitch sport routes.

8,93 € 4,93 €
A protective mask made with filtering technical materials, hydrophobic and antibacterial but above all REUSABLE for at least 20 cycles (after washing in the washing machine or by hand up to 60 ° with antibacterial agents).

11,23 € 8,42 €
8.3mm Dynamic rope sling for clipping in, equalising a belay or extending an anchor point.

10,57 € 5,57 €
Reusable protection mask.

66,80 € 47,20 €
The Strike LU is a shoe suitable for both beginners and more experienced climbers looking for a shoe suitable for both the crag, indoor and long routes. Its moderate asymmetry makes it suitable for sport climbing while maintaining a high level of comfort.

24,59 € 18,44 €
The Alpha Trad excels in Summer and Winter, from cragging to expeditions and everything in between. The beautifully hot forged ergonomic back combines with the clean nose wire gate to provide an easy clipping, fumble-free, anti-snag biner.

24,55 € 18,55 €
Our crack gloves are highly rated by climbers. A thin rubber layer provides perfect hand protection while simultaneously offering maximum friction and sensitivity when climbing. Thoughtful glove design means the dry zip is covered by the rubber, so that it doesn’t get in the way while climbing.

74,51 € 55,88 €
The new Jett QC liner combines precision with the comfort you will appreciate on long climbing days. It has a snug cut and quick velcro fastening. This high performance shoe has a CAT 1.5 high grip sole. The seamless heel and the breathable tongue add comfort and make it ideal for those who want to make a jump in category.

24,59 € 18,44 €
Edelrid Bulletproof set 12 cm, extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw set with steel insert in lower carabiner to prevent premature wear.
Showing 1 - 12 of 72 items