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33,69 € 29,98 €
Practical rope bag in lightweight, hardwearing Oxford Nylon fabric.

24,59 € 21,15 €
Rope bag, comfortable and lightweight, specifically conceived for use in climbing

25,25 € 22,47 €
Rope Bag in lightweight, hardwearing oxford nylon.

12,05 € 8,43 €
Non-aggressive detergent developed to clean ropes and harnesses easily.Will not damage polyamide ? water temperature < 30° C.

24,59 € 21,64 €
MANTLE Rope bag made of durable Denim material and weighs only 450 g! Comfortable with carrying strap and back with adjustable carry System. Ropes up to 80 m long; You'll find plenty of space and with the AC and the two metal hooks can be compression strap to stow in a very compact.  

23,77 € 21,39 €
Mantle rope bag made of robust fabric with a weight of 400g only. Comfortable to carry with the adjustable and padded carry system or with your hands. Ropes up to 90m easily fit in the bag. Due to a cord and two compression straps with metal hooks you can pack your stuff compactly.

10,42 € 8,86 €
BEAL has developed a special ink for marking ropes, in the middle as well as at the ends. This ink hardly stiffens the rope,

14,63 € 12,44 €
This brush was specifically established to clean up the ropes. Easily adapts to various diameters.

16,39 € 14,59 €
High-quality stainless steel knife.

32,79 € 29,18 €
Lightweight version of our tried-and-tested Caddy rope bag made of ripstop nylon.

35,90 € 30,52 €
The Beal Escaper is a Detachable abseil system. It allows abseiling when only a single length of rope is available. It can be used with all rope diameters from 7.3mm.
Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items