Accessories for sport climbing training

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$28.09 $25.28
The Orbs are based in design on our Rockblobs. This simpler, smaller 80mm diameter variation is perfect for campusing, warm-up and pinch strength improvement.

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Portable training sockets in high quality resin. The X Monster grips allow you to train completely and progressively in accordance with the climber's level. Their unique design combines 6 different grips, thanks to the possibility of rotating the grip.

$87.49 $78.74
The Spinchboard is the ultimate fingerboard for your personal home climbing gym. It perfectly matches the Max Climbing philosophy of multifunctional, innovative and safe training. The one-bolt mounting allows you to spin the board between different modes, enabling you to train shoulder, compression or just finger strength on various slopers, pockets and...

$79.46 $71.52
The Spinchboard Solo Hybrid is a climbing beam made of wood and resin, able to offer you the best of the two materials: training sessions on a smooth and natural surface or on the one with high adherence. The Spinchboard Solo Hybrid resin beam offers high grip, holds, holes, flares at the top and brings an extremely compact mini climbing gym in your home

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The Crimpgimp is our most compact, multi-functional hold for training finger strength. With over 7 different gripping positions and a single bolt rotating setup, this training hold easily surpasses a traditional hangboard.

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The Maxgrip, this is where it all started for Max Climbing. Our most popular product now comes in a brand new and improved design. With 6 different gripping positions this hang hold is truly multifunctional and an excellent choice for both core tension and upper body strength exercises.

$52.17 $46.96
What’s more ergonomic and versatile than a ball-like hold? That’s right, nothing is! This hollow 95mm diameter ball is a fun toy for every climber, whether you’re a pro or a beginner. Whether you want your holds up high up or down low to the floor, the rope length adjusters allow you to quickly change the rope length for various exercises

$68.23 $61.40
The Basewood was designed to be an aesthetically appealing, yet functional home climbing wall. This is the most basic tool you need to build your personal climbing gym. As your climbing level progresses you can easily expand by adding new training tools, allowing you to break plateaus and further increase your climbing skills.

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Rock-climbing tends to shorten the flexor muscles and increase muscular tension, whereas the finger and wrist extensors are often left weak and untrained, causing injuries such as tennis elbow, which can take up to six months to recover from.

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The Powerball 250Hz Supernova Pro is a gyroscope for training hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders, equipped with an LCD display with a counter to monitor performance and progress. The action required to maintain rotation activates the flexor muscles of the fingers and the agonist and antagonist muscles of the arm and elbow.

$71.44 $64.29
We are incredibly proud to present to you, the Maxgrip Hybrid! It offers the ultimate balance between looks, weight, innovation and functionality! Lightweight, extra skin friendly, made from eco-friendly rubberwood, combined with the tested design and functionality of the traditional Maxgrips, this tool is a must-have for any passionate climber

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The Spinchboard Solo is a great training tool for climbers that want to push their limits at an affordable price! It incorporates and builds on the experience and quality of its big brother, the Spinchboard. The two-bolt mounting allows you to spin the board between different modes, enabling you to train core strength, resistance or just finger strength...
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items