Crampons for Mountaineering

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34,00 € 29,92 €
The Ice Master is a great tool for preventing dangerous slips and falls on ice covered surfaces. Four sizes attach to any kind of boot or shoe and the steel points offer a secure and precise grip on uneven terrain. For those times when you need improved traction, the Ice Master is a convenient and affordable choice.

232,50 € 204,60 €
The Blade Runner represents a new era in technical ice crampons. A wealth of innovative features combine to create a crampon that conforms to the ergonomics of modern boots, increases rigidity along the entire length without decreasing dexterity, adapts to alpine conditions with a variety of front points and toe bail configurations, and reduces balling...

11,50 € 10,01 €
It covers your crampons’ sharp points protecting your rucksack and its contents.

169,00 € 148,72 €
The new Alpinist Pro optimizes the benchmark Alpinist crampons for the most technical alpine terrain. Using much of the same technology and innovative design as the Blade Runner crampons, the Alpinist ensures a precise fit with modern boots and extra rigidity in the connection between the heel and toe platforms

149,00 € 131,12 €
Like the Blade Runner for technical ice climbing, the new Alpinist has been designed as the ultimate tool for alpine climbers. Using much of the same technology and innovative design, the Alpinist ensures a precise fit with modern boots and extra rigidity in the connection between the heel and toe platforms.

229,00 € 201,52 €
BLADE RUNNER The most versatile technical ice crampons on the market

225,00 € 195,75 €
Our range’s most technical crampon is now at its fourth evolution, integrating Grivel’s active anti-balling plate and simplifying all adjustments: just one screw to adjust the length, just one screw to substitute a point, just one screw to position the spur.

180,00 € 151,20 €
Our lightweight, stainless steel monopoint crampon for serious ice and mixed climbing, the Stinger features an asymmetrical design and an easily replaceable frontpoint. Weight Per Pair :  960 g (2 lb 1 oz)Size :  One size fits 36-46. 46+ will require our long center bar.Materials :  Stainless stee

19,00 € 16,53 €
The Crampon Safe Short stows your crampons in a safe way.  It protects the content of your rucksack from the sharp points of your crampons.

198,55 € 174,72 €
New technical, hybrid and modular 13-point crampons, with interchangeable front points, designed to deal with the steepest and hardest ice walls and mixed climbing in the world, and to adapt to all your needs in every situation.The crampons are sold with a mono-point setup, with HOOK and BLADE points.

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