Crampons for Mountaineering

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$33.41 $26.42
anti-slip crampons designed for trekking, urban routes, running, hunting, and forestry work.

$27.69 $24.36
Cassin Alpine front points for Blade Runner crampons

$29.59 $25.75
Robust and compact crampon complete with case.

$12.79 $11.26
For use on all CAMP 12 point crampons.

$19.95 $17.36
The Crampon Safe Short stows your crampons in a safe way.  It protects the content of your rucksack from the sharp points of your crampons.

$11.46 $9.97
It covers the sharp tips of your crampons, protecting the backpack and its contents.

$30.55 $26.88
Blade Runner Auto / Semi-Automatic Heel Bail (2 pcs)

$32.46 $25.35
The Ice Master is a great tool for preventing dangerous slips and falls on ice covered surfaces. Four sizes attach to any kind of boot or shoe and the steel points offer a secure and precise grip on uneven terrain. For those times when you need improved traction, the Ice Master is a convenient and affordable choice.

$221.96 $183.52
The Blade Runner by CASSIN is a highly innovative crampon that guarantees both maximum performance and maximum versatility and customization: the reference tool for icefalls, extreme mixed and technical mountaineering. A single crampon to do everything, even with shoes prepared for semi-automatic lacing.

$17.18 $15.12
Semi-Auto Toe Bails for Crampon Blade Runner / Alpinist. Contain 2 pcs
Showing 1 - 12 of 84 items