Ski mountaineering equipment and accessories

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$9.71 $9.23
Standard replacement straps for the heel straps for Paragon ™ bindings and all straps on PosiLock snowshoe bindings.

$5.40 $4.53
We have updated the ski lanyards by extending them by 2.5cm and with new colors. Useful not only for tying skis together but for a thousand uses. Perfect for any ski from the narrowest to the widest

$9.71 $9.23
Replacement laces for thick shoes such as snowboard boots, compatible with all Classic snowshoes with Posilock bindings and for all pre-2010 snowshoes. Not suitable for Posilock AT bindings.

The updated Peak (Mixmohair 120 mm) line was developed for everyday use and has its focus on the balanced combination of excellent grip conditions and selected gliding. 

$112.81 $99.28
The Speed Comp is the new competition version of our popular Speed 2.0 helmet—updated in accordance with the new ISMF rules that state that helmets must meet both EN 12492 standards for alpinism and EN 1077/B  standards for alpine skiing. The dual certification guarantees a higher level of safety for athletes, especially improved from the old standard for...

$9.81 $7.40
Universal wax that adapts to all types of snow.

$11.77 $11.07
The helmet holder can be flexibly attached to the exterior of a Mammut® backpack. Its flexible material holds stowed helmets securely on the backpack and allows an easy transportation.

Firmware update for Barryvox and Barryvox S appliances

$13.73 $10.13
Universal wax that adapts to all types of snow.

Alpinist seal skin is the innovative waterproof skin developed by Kohla.
Showing 1 - 12 of 169 items