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$60.05 $51.04
The Sonic Alu Evo poles are lightweight, compact and designed to hold up to rigorous use. ideal for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and trail running. Molded plastic grips with soft foam overlay and ergonomic wrist loops that are differentiated for right and left hands to ensure optimal comfort. The tensioning cord is micro-adjustable tensioning system...

$54.21 $46.08
Super light hiking pole, only 200g per piece!

$83.41 $70.90
The Black Diamond Expedition 2 Pro ski pole is highly adjustable and incredibly functional.

$82.99 $70.54
Three-section 14-mm light pole with foldable "knee system"

$64.39 $57.95
The Plixi di Ferrino are technical and telescopic poles equipped with a tilting wheel which makes it ideal for use in the presence of snow

$91.75 $77.98
The Carbon Mix by CAMP is a lightweight, foldable pole made of carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure maximum strength.

$38.37 $32.61
The CAMP Backcountry 3.0 pole is made of aluminum alloy, a pole suitable for the most tireless hikers looking for a solid, durable and absolutely stable product.

$33.28 $24.96
The Approach Gipron poles are suitable for all types of trekking, with double density knob with nylon strap with internal adjustment.

$24.94 $18.70
The basic sticks of Gipron are essential and economical. Always very sturdy with plastic knob and nylon strap with external adjustment.

$5.00 $4.25
10 cm wheels for Black Diamond poles ideal for powder snow.

$5.00 $4.25
6 cm wheels for trekking poles Black Diamond.

$6.67 $5.67
6 cm wheels for Alpine Z trekking poles of Black Diamond.
Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items