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EDELRID - Rap Line Protect Pro Dry 6mm, dynamic accessory rope

The Rap Line Protect Pro Dry is the first accessory rope with a dynamic safety reserve, just in case. Made from a high-strength polyamide and aramid blend, this static rope has unique dynamic properties. Easy to handle, it has a diameter of 6 mm and weighs 31 grams per metre. This new version is also resistant to cuts and abrasions.

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EDELRID - Rap Line Protect Pro Dry 6.0mm

Revolutionary accessory rope resistant to cuts and abrasion and with dynamic properties.

The new version of the Rap Line maintains all the characteristics of the Rap Line II: an accessory rope with a dynamic safety reserve, and adds to these the resistance to cuts and abrasions thanks to the aramid inserts on the sock and further improves the lightness: only 31gr /mt of weight!!

Made with a blend of high-strength polyamide and aramid, this rope combines the best of the two yarns: the lightness and static nature of aramid with the energy absorption of polyamide.

Furthermore, the Rap Line Protect Pro Dry has a permanent dry treatment which makes it waterproof and resistant to the infiltration of dirt.

The mix of aramid and polyamide makes the rope very resistant (> 10Kn). The new production technique also makes it very resistant to cuts, a nice advantage in adventure terrain where sharp edges cannot always be avoided.

Accessory ropes are super-thin and light ropes that have recently been increasingly used by the most demanding mountaineers due to the advantages they have compared to the use of double or twin ropes in many situations. The main uses of an accessory rope are:

  • To lift the recovery bag along the pitch
  • In case of climbing with a single rope, perform long abseils using the accessory rope together with the single rope
  • Ideal for glacier crossings and ski mountaineering

Accessory ropes are generally static ropes. The Rap Line II however, unlike other accessory ropes, is dynamic enough to absorb two falls according to standard regulations if used as a twin rope.

This means that if necessary it is possible to climb using the Rap Line as a twin rope. It also makes it ideal for use on ski mountaineering trips and glacier crossings because it is able to withstand a fall down a slope or into a crevasse without damage.

The Rap Line is super abrasion resistant thanks to the Kevlar reinforced sock. Thanks to this it is very resistant for use with ascenders.

The Rap Line can be useful for climbing in an emergency by tying the two ends and using it as a twin rope, for example to go back up to recover a rope stuck in the abseils.

Remember that there are few belay devices that guarantee the use of a rope of only 6mm in diameter, we recommend the Mago 8 Edelrid , specially made.


  • Greater abrasion resistance thanks to the aramid / polyester sheath
  • The wear indicator shows obvious damage if the rope is compromised in the event of a fall
  • Very small diameter and weight
  • The only string of this diameter with dynamic characteristics
  • Tested for two falls used as a twin rope in line with EN 892
  • Suitable for transporting equipment or doubles thanks to the low elongation values
  • Thermo Shield treatment for greater manageability
  • It does not tangle during use thanks to the 3D wrapping

Technical specifications:

  • Diameter 6.0mm
  • Number of falls: 2 (used as a twin rope)
  • Weight: 31 gr / m
  • impact force: 8 kN
  • static elongation: 8%
  • Made in Germany
  • CE marking: CE 0123
  • Certification: EN 564
  • Single approval: no
  • Half approval: no
  • Twin approval: no
  • Material: Aramid/Polyester sheath over a woven polyamide core


  • 3D Lap coil
  • Thermo Shield

3D Lap Coil

As soon as you get your hands on a new EDELRID rope, all you want is to start climbing straight away. However, the formation of creases and twists during unrolling could quickly ruin the joy of your new purchase.

From now on, however, this possibility belongs to the past for all EDELRID strings! The new EDELRID 3D Lap Coil technology makes the unwinding operation unnecessary. We have in fact introduced the new Lap Coiling machine into our production system, which winds our ropes in a special way. Thanks also to a well-studied package design, immediately starting climbing with the new rope is child's play, since unwinding it is really easy. The markings on the rope and the detailed description on the packaging make the operation even easier: you can therefore start using the rope immediately without annoying twisting and twisting.

Thermo Shield

Thermo Shield is the standard treatment to which all ropes are subjected to guarantee the unparalleled handling of EDELRID ropes. This treatment consists of a thermal process through which the threads that make up the core and sheath of the rope are perfectly harmonized with each other. Thanks to a special heat treatment, the fibers loosen inside the rope and expand. In this way the sliding characteristics inside the rope are uniformed, which thus becomes more manageable and compact. The result is strings that don't shrink or stiffen quickly.


Data sheet

Campi for Use
All mountaineering disciplines
Waterproofing treatment
Sock and waterproofed core
Rope type
Accessory cord
6 mm

Specific References


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