Beal - Roll Grip 50 ml, liquid chalk in refillable stick


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BEAL - Roll Grip 50 ml liquid magnesite

The Roll Grip of Beal is a practical bottle of liquid magnesite, which allows easy application before climbing, in the right quantities thanks to the roll-on.

Contains 50ml of Beal Pure Grip, a liquid magnesite that guarantees excellent grip and is composed of at least 78% of isopropyl alcohol and is therefore suitable for performing a sanitizing function of the hands in the gym and on the rock.

Having a capacity of 50 ml and a weight of 60 g, you can take it anywhere, even by plane during your travels to climb away from home.

Finally, the Roll Grip has the advantage that it can be refilled with the Beal Pure Grip liquid magnesite, present in 250 ml containers.

Beal Pure Grip is the most used liquid magnesite in the world by the best athletes in sports competitions.


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