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25 liter backpack for freeride / ski touring use with AIRSAFE respirator and RECCO reflector

$190.45 $150.27
Snowshoe with removable spatula which, when inserted, allows easy travel over fresh, powder snow. If removed, the crampons and the shaped frame make this an aggressive snowshoe that can deal with slopes offering an unparalleled grip.

Ultimate 38 is the ideal product for those who want to face the most extreme conditions, always keeping dry what they carry in their backpack. HighLab Ferrino line, it is 100% waterproof thanks to OutDry® technology. This technology allows you to internally apply a membrane that perfectly seals any water entry point, guaranteeing a 10,000mm water column.

Lynx 30 is a light and multipurpose backpack, full of specific equipment for mountaineering and ski touring.

Fitzroy 22 is a mountain backpack usable 4 seasons, for mountaineering and winter activities.

$157.42 $123.65
The Miage snowshoes by ferrino are characterized by an exceptional grip on the ice thanks to a conformation, on the front, in the shape of progressive steps.

$161.34 $122.90
The Ferrino Felik snowshoes are built with the double toothed lower side profile that ensures total grip even on inclined or counter-slope slopes.

$119.33 $108.85
The Ferrino Lys snowshoes have an inclined side profile that ensures total grip even on inclined or counter-inclined slopes

Model with space-saving dimensions that ensure excellent walking comfort while maintaining good buoyancy on fresh snow.

$162.20 $144.35
the Ferrino Vincent is a unisex ski mountaineering pant, specially designed with a mix of materials that make it ideal for the different uses and essential moments of this discipline.

$119.24 $85.58
Mountaineering backpack designed for female morphology the shape and construction of the shoulder straps and the waist band are ergonomically ideal for women.

$102.05 $70.61
The backpack designed and dedicated for lite backpacking; a true example of lightness! Essential in design, complete with all technical equipment and extremely comfortable thanks to the “Hollow back system” back.
Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items

Turin, 1870: in his paint shop, Cesare Ferrino experiments with the first industrial process for producing waxed fabrics. Fiat chooses them for its car hoods and the Italian army selects them for its military tents. Naturally, the features of these fabrics win over mountaineers and explorers: Ferrino becomes synonymous with outdoor sports.

Ferrino, Quality is never a detail.

Turin, 1870: in his paint shop, Cesare Ferrino experiments with the first industrial process to produce tarpaulins. Fiat chooses them for the top of their cars, the Italian army for military tents. Of course, the performance of the canvases conquers mountaineers and explorers: Ferrino becomes a synonym of outdoor.

Ferrino products are the result of incessant technological research, meticulous field tests and listening to those who use them: testers and users. All with a sense of craftsmanship and Italian style, which makes each product a product to be proud of. "Ferrino, Quality is never a detail."