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$104.06 $80.76
Lightweight backpack for fast mountaineering and ski touring. Designed with a very clean, minimal and versatile line.

$114.75 $93.79
The new Grivel Ghost EVO hammer is a super light and resistant ice ax, dedicated to fast and light technical mountaineering. Today also with hammer version.

$99.67 $86.71
Lightweight and minimal ski mountaineering and mountaineering ice ax, with G-bone handle, version with shovel.

$99.67 $86.71
Ghost 50 cm Lightweight and minimal ski mountaineering and mountaineering ice ax, with G-bone handle, version with shovel.

$278.38 $242.19
The Flame ice ax from Grivel is an extraordinarily beautiful ice ax. An ice ax that looks to the future, in fact, has an innovative design.

$124.01 $107.89
The Ghost Tech ice ax from Grivel is designed for technical mountaineering. The laser cut steel blade has a shape suitable for use on very hard and cold snow and ice.

$149.50 $130.06
The new SKITOUR crampon, with its New Matic binding system, solves the problem of fitting modern ski-touring boots and also the new models with round toe parts without the front groove. with Grivel proactive antibott system. Front part 6 points in steel, rear part with 4 points in light alloy. It comes with a Grivel Crampon Safe. 

$139.57 $121.43
It is a new generation of a really “all seasons” crampon, very light and takes up a minimum of space as it folds up completely on itself. Available with 3 different bindings, for every needs: automatic, semiautomatic and universal.

$114.75 $93.79
Crampon for classic mountaineering and 10-point glacier crossings, reliable, robust and economico. Semi-rigid model in one adjustable size. Bar can be positioned by hand in two different lengths.

$99.67 $86.71
The G1 crampon is made of steel and suitable for beginner climbers. It perfectly meets the criteria of simplicity and lightness together with the necessary technical characteristics. It has 10 points distributed rationally, 6 are the front ones. The central adjustment bar is flexible. Delivered with front and rear proactive antibottos. Extremely reduced...

$114.75 $93.79
Grivel Ghost EVO 45 cm: Light and minimal ice axe for classical alpinism, with gbone shaft. The Ghost philosophy of an essential tool, now available in a more technical version.

$114.75 $99.83
Grivel Ghost EVO 50 cm: Light and minimal ice axe for classical alpinism, with gbone shaft. The Ghost philosophy of an essential tool, now available in a more technical version.
Showing 1 - 12 of 133 items

When Grivel invented and began making the world’s first modern crampons, based on the designs of Oskar Eckenstein, over 80 years ago they manufactured from the best quality steel that could be found....

Grivel is synonymous with mountain climbing.

When it comes to the Ice, one can only think of Grivel

In 1818 the Grivel family of blacksmiths started to transform their production of agricultural tools to satisfy the rather peculiar demands of a new breed of wealthy tourists who, for unfathomable reasons, wanted to climb the mountains! So the Grivel ice axe came into being surrounded by skepticism. The English engineer Oscar Eckenstein was received with similar skepticism when in 1909 he asked Henry Grivel to manufacture the first modern Grivel crampons. In 1929, Henry’s son Laurent made the brilliant invention of the two front points, allowing climbers to stand face on whilst attacking the steep ice and snow gradients. This innovation was the key to the conquest of the last unsolved route of the Alps: the North of the Eiger, 21-24th July, 1938.

In 1936, in collaboration for the first time with the Cogne steelworks, Amato Grivel, Laurent’s younger brother, using the Chromolly alloy (Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum), created a really strong Grivel crampon, thinner and therefore lighter. They forged Grivel crampons weighing 360 grams a pair, up until then impossible. These Grivel crampons, the Super Leggero Grivel, have been used to conquer the 3 highest peaks in the world, the Everest, the K2, and the Kangchenjunga.

In 1982 new blood took over a rather sleepy, uncompetitive Grivel that had allowed itself to be overtaken by rival companies. New management led by Gioachino Gobbi was convinced that over a hundred years of tradition, the brand name and the company’s location were a recipe for future success.

1996 = The Machine: the Grivel ice axe that revolutionized the design of technical tools. From now on this was the shape that all manufacturers would use.

In 2003 Grivel crampons resolve the problem of snow build up under crampons with the first pro-active anti-balling plate.

Today 196 years later, Grivel, still basically one large family, continues in its balancing act between tradition and progress, between forging and aerospace technology, between intuition and R&D.

Grivel Mont-Blanc has achieved all possible certifications: from TUV GS (Sichereit Gepruft) for product quality to ISO 9001-Vision 2000 for our management system and even the ISO 14001 environmental Certification for Environmental Compatibility.

In May 2009 the company opened a new production unit in a much bigger space where it is easier to manage the different lines of production. This will help our flexibility in the face of the new demands that come in daily from around the world. This new set up means that we can widen our range of products and maintain our avant-garde position in the marketplace.

The new location has allowed us to change to solar energy making our production cleaner and more eco-friendly. Since 2010 all the energy needs are produced by our photovoltaic panels.
Every year they save 1,173 barrels of oil!