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$47.64 $35.73
Frame in light and resistant plastic, Plasfun are available in 5 colors: blue, green, orange, red and black.

$47.73 $40.57
Portable training sockets in high quality resin. The X Monster grips allow you to train completely and progressively in accordance with the climber's level. Their unique design combines 6 different grips, thanks to the possibility of rotating the grip.

$31.50 $26.78
The Powerball 250Hz Supernova Pro is a gyroscope for training hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders, equipped with an LCD display with a counter to monitor performance and progress. The action required to maintain rotation activates the flexor muscles of the fingers and the agonist and antagonist muscles of the arm and elbow.

$19.00 $16.15
Chalk Stopper, Innovation by YY VERTICAL !The Chalkstopper improves cleanliness of the climber and the air quality by reducing volatile chalk emissions indoor by up to 80% thanks to its automatic closure.Outdoors, it improves cleanliness at the bottom of the routes, while maintaining a traditional design and functionality

$57.18 $45.75
Safety glasses are prismatic glasses which allow the image of the climber to be sent back to the insurer without the latter having to turn his head upwards. These glasses revolutionize the practice of safety by offering comfort, concentration and safety without risking neck pain. The first model put on the market that has now become the reference point.

$52.51 $44.63
Safety glasses allow you to make safe in safety and comfort without risking unnecessary neck ache. The Clip Up were designed specifically for those who wear glasses! From view, alone, they adapt to all frames and are easy to use thanks to the On / Off position. The trapezoidal prisms allow a wider view on who climbs.

$85.82 $72.95
The Solar Ups were designed for use on sunny days at the crag, but thanks to their modular construction, the lenses can be removed so that they can also be used in the absence of sunshine

$47.64 $40.49
Lightweight and resistant plastic frame, the Plasfun have been renewed in the PlasFun Evo version.

$33.32 $28.32
Lightweight and resistant plastic frame, comfortable and easy to wear, the Plasfun First focuses on the essential to offer the same comfort and the same vision on the climber guaranteed by the Plasfun range. To keep only the bare essentials, the case is simpler, the number of accessories is reduced and they are available in one color.
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
y&y Vertical

Safety glasses, prismatic glasses to ensure maximum comfort

Safety glasses are prismatic glasses that allow the climber to return the image to the insurer without the latter having to turn

head up.