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Edelrid - Hummingbird Pro Dry 9.2 mm, single dry rope

Edelrid - Hummingbird Pro Dry 9.2 mm, single dry rope

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The perfect complement to the Edelrid range of ropes for sport climbing. With its small diameter, minimum weight and the thin structure of the sock, the Hummingbird Pro Dry offers exceptional handling which makes it optimal for high-level sport climbing. To all this we add the permanent Dry treatment to protect against dirt and water

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Color: Azzurro
Length: 80 mt

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Edelrid - Hummingbird Pro Dry 9.2 mm - News 2020

The perfect complement to the Edelrid range of ropes for sport climbing. With its small diameter, minimum weight and the thin structure of the sock, the Hummingbird Pro Dry offers exceptional handling which makes it optimal for high-level sport climbing. To all this we add the permanent Dry treatment to protect against dirt and water.

  • Thermo Shield treatment for easier handling
  • It does not twist during use thanks to 3D winding
  • Water absorption <2% based on the UIAA Water Repellent Test
  • Permanent Pro Dry treatment for better resistance to dust and humidity
  • Excellent for: Mountaineering, Multi-pitch sport routes, Big Wall, Sport climbing

Technical features:

  • Diameter 9.2mm
  • Number of falls: 8
  • Weight: 57 gr / mt
  • stocking thickness: 44%
  • impact force: 8.8 kN
  • dynamic elongation: 31%
  • static elongation: 6%
  • stocking sliding: 0 mm
  • Single approval: yes
  • Half approval: no
  • Twin approval: no


  • 3D Lap coil
  • Pro Dry
  • Thermo Shield
  • Bluesign certification

3D Lap Coil

As soon as a new EDELRID rope is in your hands, all you want to do is start climbing right away. The formation of folds and kinks during unrolling could however spoil the joy of the new purchase soon.

From now on, however, this possibility, for all EDELRID ropes, belongs only to the past! The new EDELRID 3D Lap Coil technology makes the unwinding operation unnecessary. In fact, we have introduced the new Lap Coiling machine into our production system, which wraps our ropes in a special way. Thanks also to a pack with a well-designed design, starting to climb with the new rope immediately is child's play, since doing it is really easy. The markings on the rope and the detailed description on the package make the operation even easier: you can therefore start using the rope immediately without annoying twists and twists.

Pro Dry

Untreated ropes can absorb up to 50% of their weight. In damp conditions these ropes become extremely heavy, unwieldy and at low temperatures they can freeze. They also lose much of their safety margin. Pro Dry is a new treatment that has been specially developed to counteract these problems. In the first phase of the treatment, the threads that make up the core are impregnated. At the end of the braiding process the finished rope (core and sock) is impregnated a second time. Finally, the impregnation is subjected to a thermal fixing. The result is a rope that maintains its water-repellent characteristics and resistance to dirt for a long time. The ropes dry very quickly, undergo minimal weight gain in the presence of moisture and do not freeze easily when temperatures drop. Thanks to the reduced water absorption (1–2% based on the UIAAWater-Repellent-Test), the Pro Dry ropes maintain performance almost unchanged even in humid environments, thus offering high safety margins.

The UIAA-Water-Repellent-Test is a procedure developed by the UIAA through which it is possible to measure the water repellency characteristics of the ropes. The first phase of this test consists in subjecting a test sample to mechanical wear on the entire surface. This test simulates the wear to which the rope is actually subjected when used on rock and ice. Subsequently the sample is wetted according to a standard procedure for 15 minutes with a certain quantity of water (2 l / min). The sample is weighed before and after wetting. The weight difference between the dry and wet samples is then calculated as a percentage. The percentage of water absorbed must not exceed 5% of the weight of the sample rope. Ropes that meet this requirement can be marked with the «UIAA Water Repellent» mark.

Thermo Shield

Thermo Shield is the standard treatment to which all ropes are subjected to guarantee the unparalleled handling of EDELRID ropes. This treatment consists of a thermal process through which the threads that make up the core and the braiding of the rope are perfectly harmonized with each other. Thanks to a special heat treatment, the fibers loosen inside the rope and expand. In this way, the sliding characteristics inside the rope are standardized, which thus becomes more manageable and compact. The result is ropes that do not shrink or stiffen quickly.

Bluesign certification

"Our ropes are clean", for the sake of the environment

Quality and safety are the basic principles that push us from our first steps. We therefore remain faithful to the belief of sustainability for the production of innovative and ecological high-performance ropes. It is only thanks to this principle that today we are able to set new standards in the sustainable production of ropes.

EDELRID was the first manufacturer of ropes in the world capable of adapting its products to the rigorous bluesign® system, that is, to the most stringent ecological standard in the world as regards the production of textile materials. It is an independent standard, recognized internationally and based on five principles: resource productivity, atmospheric emissions, occupational safety, water protection and consumer safety.

All the raw materials we use for the production of our ropes are qualified as «bluesign® approved». In harmony with the optimized production that takes place here at the Isny site, our strings obtain the "bluesign® product" brand, a label which therefore represents their quality brand and guarantees that the product has a low content of pollutants, does not harm health and is manufactured with environmentally friendly procedures. In this way we can fulfill the natural desire of our customers to have a product that is both safe and sustainable.

And we too have learned a lot during this process: after eight years of collaboration with Bluesign Technologies AG in Switzerland, we can draw on a wealth of experience in the field of sustainable production of ropes. By adapting our entire line of ropes to the rigorous requirements of the bluesign® system, it was possible to achieve the following savings objectives in the coloring phase of the sock threads:

  • a 62% CO2 reduction
  • 89% water savings
  • a 63% reduction in energy consumption
  • a 63% reduction in the use of chemicals

For EDELRID this represents a further step forward towards an increasingly sustainable future: for years, in fact, we have been pursuing the path of sustainability and we wish to continue consistently in this direction also in the years to come. We do not do it to give us a virtuous air, but to provide a logical response to the needs of changing times.

In order to say, in good conscience, that "our strings are clean".

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Campi for Use
Free Climbing
Waterproofing treatment
Sock and waterproofed core
Rope type
Single Rope
9,2 mm

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