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Wild Country - New Friend kit2 size 1 + 2 + 3

The new Friends KIT 2 Size 1/2/3 made with double axis with at the base, the faithful angle of inclination of 13.75 °. Robust and reliable.

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Wild Country - New Friends

kit2 size 1 + 2 + 3

"Ray, did you bring the bag with the friends?"

The name that made history ...

Friends represent the most significant protection mechanism ever made. In their thirty-eight years of life, although the construction techniques have changed, they have kept their essence intact. The heart of each model has remained the cam inclination angle, unchanged, of 13.75 °; outlined, refined and developed by Wild Country and tested in thousands of kilometers of crack climbing since 1977!

The new Friends are no different: made with a double axis, they essentially remain Friends. At the base, our faithful lean angle of 13.75 ° provides that support that other climbers in the future will put their trust in. Rugged and reliable, these Friends combine classic features with significant innovations, an intriguing mix of old and new.

Externally they are elegant and with significant design improvements, so much so that the eye is led to grasp every single, intelligent improvement: the hollow axes (patent pending) are more rigid and lighter, the tapered lobes less impacting but with a better grip on the rock, and the new 12mm dyneema webbing, quick response and easy extensibility, which save time and weight, avoiding the use of quickdraws.

The inner part is based on the classic Wild Country principles: our legendary grip ability and consistency of overlap between units, while the dual axis has allowed us to increase the range per unit.

Never identified for how it is built but for how it behaves on campo, the double axis version of these Friends clearly improves their reputation as a true icon.

Basically, the design aimed at the maximum degree of functionality means that the new Friends are the only ones with a double axis cam that combines the convenience and comfort of a thumbloop with the speed and usefulness of an extendable webbing.

Faster, smoother, easier to use and with a beautiful finish, our clever combination of key features and innovative design make the new Friends the most complete cams around.

20.6 - 34.5 (mm)
25.8 - 43 (mm)
31.7 - 53.6 (mm)
41.5 - 69.3 (mm)
52.7 - 88.8 (mm)
66.8 - 112.1 (mm)
12KN (doubled sling)
12KN (doubled)
12KN (doubled)
12KN (doubled)
12KN (doubled sling)
12KN (doubled sling)

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