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RAUMER - SOSTA group 2 rock 10mm stainless steel + R4000

RAUMER - SOSTA group 2 rock 10mm stainless steel + R4000


Gruppo Sosta Classico, certainly the most used in the preparation of rock routes

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RAUMER - SOSTA group 2 rock 10mm stainless steel + R4000

Gruppo Sosta Classico, certainly the most used in the preparation of rock routes

Sosta group in AISI 316L stainless steel (2013) consisting of two ROCK Ø10 plates (art.110), a chain (art.175) and an immovable carabiner with "R4000" wire finger (art.165).


The carabiner body is made of Ø12mm stainless steel wire, a measure that allows this connector to offer the best performances in terms of tensile and wear resistance. Positioned inside a sturdy 10mm round wire ring, it always assumes an attitude perpendicular to the rock; this feature makes parking extremely versatile and multidirectional. This is useful when you have to retrieve the rope, since it can be stressed in any of the two branches of descent, without it being "pinched" against the rock by the movement, preventing its recovery. This stop is highly appreciated because it is suitable for all disciplines (mountaineering, climbing and canyoning. The placement is done using stainless steel anchors. We recommend the use of our M10L stainless steel Hang Fix (art.157).



  1. The area intended for fixing the anchor must be absolutely massive with a crystalline consistency. In addition to other assessments, a good method is to hammer hard on the chosen area. The "song" of the rock must be dry and crystalline and not as if it were an isolated and "rotten" plate.
  2. The first hole is made in the rock, (the lower one, intended to support the load on the carabiner) by means of an appropriate electro-pneumatic hammer drill, taking care to make it perpendicular to the drilling plane. The necessary SDS PLUS drill bit must be 10mm in diameter (as our art.198) and the depth must measure at least 5mm greater than the total length of the tang (therefore 90mm ...). A greater depth is completely irrelevant on the tightness of the anchor (but we have unnecessarily wasted battery energy ...). Pay attention to the diameter of the tip which must be exactly the diameter of the anchor and in an excellent state of wear. At this point it is necessary to proceed with fixing the Rock plate that supports the carabiner. After mounting the plug on the plate, insert it into the hole just made, taking care to keep the nut screwed until it is flush with the head of the threaded tang. Using blows with the hammer on the threaded head of the fix (the nut prevents damage to the thread ridges ...) introduce it until the plate adheres to the rock. Orient the Rock plate in the direction of the load that will be applied and then, with a 17 hexagonal wrench, complete the fixing by tightening the nut making an adequate twisting moment.
  3. Now take the other Rock plate and hold it vertically, above and to the right or left of the plate just placed below until you find the ideal area to drill the second hole. ( note that only RAUMER stops on the market offer this possibility !! ....). Attention, the chain with two long links must not also hold the ring but must be spaced about 1cm apart. In this way the carabiner will be free to move freely to accommodate the applied load. The safety of the double anchorage is however guaranteed by the Rock plate placed higher. We recommend, however, for a good placement, to make this second hole in an area within a maximum angle of 45 ° from the vertical of the first, indifferently to the left or right of it, of course.
  4. Finally, proceed with the realization of the second hole and the complete fixing of the stop respecting the same specifications of the first driving.


Technical specifications

Since 2013, all the material that makes up the majority of our anchors is in AISI 316L stainless steel, which is much more resistant to marine corrosion than the previous AISI 304. To indicate this difference, the corresponding abbreviation is printed on each item.

Attention: the anchor also exists in the "marine" version, extremely resistant to salt corrosion. In order to highlight the difference between AISI 316L stainless steel and the marine version of the same material, we have designed to mark the anchors with an icon represented by a stylized fish with the inscription " INOX " inside.

Finally, we suggest reading the attached document in this regard, where all the problems on marine corrosion are explained in a fairly comprehensive way.

NOTE: we are also able to create special Parking Groups, upon specific customer request.


MARINE version: Art. 219M

Resistance: Rt = 27 KN Ra = 25 KN

Weight 490 gr


Data sheet

Material Type
AISI 316L stainless steel
Certification Sport
EN 795 anchor type A; EN 959 pitons

Specific References


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