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MAMMUT - Barryvox S, 3-antenna digital / analog transceiver

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The new Mammut Barryvox S is a digital and analog avalanche search device (ARTVA) with three antennas that is easy to use and extremely effective. Great reception width and search strip 70 meters wide in digital and 80 meters in analog.

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Mammut - Barryvox S, 3-antenna digital / analogue transceiver

BarryHeart 3.4 updated software pre-installed.

The new Mammut Barryvox S replaces the "Pulse" model in 2017.

The new Barryvox S is one of the best avalanche search devices in the world. Its strengths are the ease of use thanks to clear instructions and simple navigation, the wide reception capacity that allows an effective search in a strip of 70mt in digital and 80mt in analogue.

The Barryvox with its clear and visible display even with polarized glasses, the buttons that can also be used with gloves, the waterproof and shock-resistant shell and the revolutionary user-friendly graphic interface is the demonstration that a device with high performance and super research effective doesn't have to be complicated to use.

The Barryvox you know benefits from the reliability and experience guaranteed by 45 years of development, produced and designed entirely in Switzerland.

The new generation of Barryvoxes maintain the same reliability that the previous generation devices were known for, at the same time we have made many improvements in terms of usability and performance.

In any case, the Barryvox is not only the device with one of the widest reception bands and one of the widest search strips usable on the market. In addition to these technical characteristics, Barryvox excels in ease of use. This is because we are convinced that if a device is usable with your eyes closed then it will be truly usable in an emergency situation.

The high performance and ease of use translate into time savings, which is essential in emergency situations where researchers are under stress. In these situations the new generation of Barryvox helps you find the buried quickly and easily.

Registration of BARRYVOX® devices

By registering your Barryvox, Mammut guarantees you a 3-year warranty extension which, added to the standard warranty, will guarantee you a 5-year warranty. You will also always be updated on software updates.

Registration is very simple, just scan the QR code found on the device packaging.

Powerful Search

Search strip 70m wide in digital and 80m in analog, when performance saves lives.

If you want to evaluate the performance of an avalanche locator, one parameter to definitely consider is the width of the search strip.

Wide circular receiving bands mean that the signal transmitted by the buried subject will be detected faster. The wider the search strip, the shorter the path to be made on the ground affected by the avalanche and therefore the buried subjects will be found faster.

With a digital search strip of 70mt and 80mt in analogue and a wide and reliable reception band (70mt digital and 95mt analog) the Barryvox is one of the best devices in the world.

We insist on best performance because we know that improving research time means saving lives.

Easy to use

Completely revised user interface, when simplicity is security.

Performance brings benefits only if the user can simply exploit them. We have therefore completely revisited the way to use the Barryvox, from start to finish. From an easily readable display in every situation, even with polarized glasses, to the buttons that can be used even when wearing gloves, to the impact resistance, the impermeability, through an acoustic guide in intuitive search to the simple user interface, the Barryvox is the demonstration that a high performance device does not need to be difficult to use.

Because we know that only a simple to use ARTVA device will save lives in an emergency.

Smart Search - Straight to the middle means speed

Smart Search, when effective guidance gets you to your goal faster.

In addition to indicating the distance and direction of the buried subject, the Barryvox® S also guides you incredibly precisely and intuitively as you search.

In complex burial situations it remains reliable even under stress. Simply put: just follow the arrow.

Multiple burials: when the tagging function leads to faster location

The classic research scenario involves a buried subject and one or more research personnel. In reality, however, we are not always in this situation. In Switzerland, around 40% of avalanche victims are in situations where more than one is buried, which makes the search more complex.

Devices without the marking function can bounce the rescuer between different buried subjects, wasting precious time and reducing the chances of survival of the people involved.

The tagging function allows the rescuer to search for each buried subject individually. The device filters the signals of the various buried subjects, when the rescuer finds the first buried subject, he can immediately switch to the second.

Marking: when the marking function is simple

All buried subjects are stored in a list and can be marked. The Barryvox recognizes the buried and adds them to the list. The tagging function will individually mark buried subjects as "found". The recognition of multiple signals and the tagging function make it possible to find multiple burials without having to use special search methods.

BarryMount harness

The BarryMount is a high quality harness for wearing Barryvox and Barryvox S devices. It is simple to put on and can be quickly adjusted and opened and closed with a single hand.

The harness guarantees the impossibility of involuntary activation of the search mode, guaranteeing your safety during the trip. It also protects the Barryvox both during revolutions and during transport. At the end of the season you can simply wash it in the washing machine at 30 °. Clean and ready for the next adventure.

Differences between Barryvox and Barryvox S

Among the images you can find a table that lists all the differences between the two devices.


Design: ergonomico design, waterproof and impact resistant, can be used while wearing gloves

  • Display: backlit display easily readable even when wearing polarized glasses
  • Graphic interface: shows the distance, direction and number of buried subjects
  • Acoustic-guided search: allows the rescuer to visually search the avalanche terrain
  • Group test with clear instructions
  • Multiple research: Multiple buried subjects: digital signal processing in the event of several buried subjects
  • Marking function: multiple buried subjects are recognized and can be marked
  • Search strip width: effective search strip width: 70mt
  • Reception band: digital reception band: up to 70 meters
  • Campo of circular reception: amplitude of bank in reception practically identical for the antennas on the X and Y axes
  • Reverse direction management function to avoid 180 ° search errors
  • Automatic switch from search to SEND (Auto Revert): if a rescuer does not move for 4 minutes the Barryvox, thanks to a motion sensor, can automatically switch to SEND mode, assuming that a second avalanche has fallen.
  • Case: Harness for wearing the Barryvox included
  • Alkaline battery life: about 300 hours in SEND mode
  • Device diagnosis: automatic diagnosis and self-check
  • W-Link: additional communication channel to improve search performance
  • Software: upgradeable software
  • Fleet Management: ability to manage multiple devices via W-Link
  • Operating temperature: -25 ° to + 45 ° Celsius (-13 ° to + 113 ° Fahrenheit)
  • Customization of the user interface: the start screen is customizable in both logo and text (for example with owner information).
  • User interface available in 12 languages
  • 2.2 inch graphic screen
  • Smart Search: interacts with the rescuer's actions during the search making the search simpler and more reliable.
  • Auto-Guidance: The Barryvox S continues to guide the rescuer towards the buried subject even in the event of signal error or overlapping signals.
  • Unmarking and scrolling of the list of buried subjects: buried subjects can be selected from a list, marked and unmarked.
  • Rescue SEND: Protection function for rescuers who are not carrying out a search. In the event of a secondary avalanche it automatically switches to SEND allowing the rescuer to be found.
  • Analog Pro Search: Analog search mode that helps solve difficult situations in particularly complex search scenarios.
  • Advanced Search Settings: configurable search settings: pro-search, acoustic and visual guide, auto revert
  • Vital Data: 3D sensors detect vital data and help rescuers focus on those with the greatest chance of survival.
  • Management of the possibility of modification by users
  • Fleet configuration
  • Customization of texts and logos
  • Extended search range: extended analogue reception band up to 95mt with an 80mt wide search strip
  • Lithium-enabled: it also works with lithium batteries that guarantee greater autonomy and greater stability at low temperatures. Duration with lithium batteries extended to at least 350 hours in SEND followed by 1 hour in SEARCH.

Technical features

Device type: Combined digital / analog device with 3 antennas

  • Range: up to 70m in digital and 100m in analogue
  • Search strip width: 70m in digital and 80m in analogue
  • Size: 115mm x 67mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 210g (including batteries)
  • Batteries: Alkaline or Lithium (3 x AAA 1,5 Volt)
  • Alkaline battery life: At least 300 hours in SEND Lithium at least 350 hours in SEND, followed by 1 hour in SEARCH
  • W-Link frequency: 869.8 MHz (Europe)
  • Transmission frequency: 457 kHz
  • Standard: EN 300718
  • Warranty: 2 years extendable to 5 years by registering the device

100% Made in Switzerland, designed and built entirely in Switzerland


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