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3,47 € 2,95 €
Kevlar cord with a diameter of 5.5 mm. Resistant and high-tight, ideal for climbing. For sale by the meter.

9,90 € 8,81 €
Replacement laces for all Classic snowshoes with Posilock bindings and for all snowshoes prior to 2010. Not suitable for Posilock AT bindings

1,45 € 1,23 €
Lightweight and supple double rope for long routes. Its feel improves the LEGEND 8.3’s level of safety when belaying.

3,12 € 2,78 €
Multidirectional traction plate made of 3.5 mm thick AISI 316L stainless steel .

3,59 € 3,19 €
Chiper in AISI 316L steel, designed for the realization of mountaineering, climbing and rescue anchors. Extremely resistant and reliable, it has a double expansion element, a feature that makes it suitable for use on many types of rock. Much used by climbers in most crags around the world.

13,70 € 10,28 €
8.3mm Dynamic rope sling for clipping in, equalising a belay or extending an anchor point.

12,00 € 8,76 €
Classical multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality/price ratio. Robust, ideal for sport climb.

1,22 € 1,04 €
Nylon cord diameter 7 mm.

11,90 € 10,59 €
Replacement laces for thick shoes such as snowboard boots, compatible with all Classic snowshoes with Posilock bindings and for all pre-2010 snowshoes. Not suitable for Posilock AT bindings.

3,20 € 2,72 €
Weighing in at only 48 g per meter, the Opera 8.5 is the firstsub 50g rope and is the lightest and thinest single rope on themarket. Sell per meter

12,00 € 8,76 €
Classic and multipurpose quickdraw with excellent quality / price ratio. Lightweight and ideal for multi-pitch sport routes.

56,00 € 47,04 €
The easiest and fastest ice screw in the world. The particular cone construction and the slight protrusion of the teeth, which open a slightly larger opening than the screw itself, guarantee extremely rapid penetration without losing tightness and safety.
Showing 1 - 12 of 777 items