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Camp - Atom 2Lock, HMS automatic carabiner

The Atom 2Lock is a high-strength HMS carabiner for belaying and abseiling with automatic closure that requires two actions (turn and press) to open the lever. The wide opening ensures quick and easy hooks while the nose with patented SphereLock geometry optimizes the carabiner lever game for maximum safety.

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Camp - Atom 2Lock - News 2020

The Atom 2Lock is a high-strength HMS carabiner for belaying and abseiling with automatic closure that requires two actions (turn and press) to open the lever. The wide opening ensures quick and easy hooks while the nose with patented SphereLock geometry optimizes the carabiner lever game for maximum safety.


  • HMS carabiner with high breaking load and automatic closure that requires two actions (turn and press) to open the lever
  • Wide opening and nose with SphereLock patented geometry for fast and safe carabiners of ropes and tapes


  • Weight: 88gr
  • Materials: aluminum alloy
  • Certification (s): CE EN 12275 type H, CE EN 362 type B
  • Major axis resistance 26 kN
  • Minor axis resistance 11 kN
  • Open lever resistance 8 kN
  • Opening 24 mm
  • Length 120 mm
  • Width 78 mm

Overview Carabiners Camp

Continuous evolution. In 1987 CAMP launched the famous "33 grams" on the market, which for almost twenty years has been the lightest carabiner in the world. The record lasted until 2005, when it switched to the 28 gram Nano Wire. In 2008, with the Nano 23, CAMP technicians managed to remove another 5 grams and in 2014, with the Nano 22, they reached a new limit of lightness that does not compromise functionality. On the contrary: the Nano 22 is not only lighter but also more manageable and safe than its predecessor.
The Photon instead remains the reference for those looking for lightness but do not want to give up full-size dimensions.
And then there is the extraordinary Dyon: a carabiner with unique characteristics that makes the difference thanks to the innovative patented closure.
And like the Nano 22 and the Photon, the Dyon is also available in 8 different colors to match it with the Cam, offering climbers an extra choice based not only on lightness but also on functionality.
The fact remains that, if you want to tackle long routes in the mountains, the Nano 22 allows an exceptional reduction in weight, taking up, among other things, less space on the material holder rings.

Atom, Core and Nimbus: the new screw-lock carabiners in the name of quality and performance. Just look at them to understand that they are special: we are talking about the new Atom, Core and Nimbus screw-lock carabiners, which completely renew our range of connectors of this type.
Exceptional functionality, lightness, safety and remarkable aesthetic impact: these are the strong points of all the models, characterized by lightened and extremely handy ring nuts, by particularly rounded shapes with "rope friendly" surfaces that facilitate the sliding of the ropes and facilitate maneuvers, and finally by the safety marking that indicates whether the ring nut is open or closed.
If you are looking for a versatile and extremely reliable HMS carabiner, which offers high-level innovative solutions at a best-seller price, your choice will only fall on the Atom.
The Core, on the other hand, is the “soft” design tool that ensures unparalleled fluidity in insurance with the boatman, also contributing to the reduction of the wear of the ropes.
And finally here is the Nimbus, which stands out for its compactness and therefore lightness, which is appreciated on the longest and most demanding routes.

Patents . The Atom Belay Lock and Core Belay Lock carabiners have a small internal lever which, using the same spring as the main lever, closes on the service ring of the harness, locking it in the correct position for belaying or rappelling. This prevents the carabiner from rotating, avoiding transverse applications of the load.
The Dyon carabiner has two patents: first of all the innovative KeyWire closure system, equipped with a wire lever with a special insert that allows the lever-carabiner connection without the uncomfortable tooth of the Wire carabiners, and then the particular SphereLock geometry of the nose, which optimizes closure for safety.
The carabiners Photon, Orbit, Atom, Core, Nimbus and Nitro also have this latter characteristic.
Equipment in order for a more effective climb. We think of the organization of the material on the harness: having everything at hand, in perfect order, automatically means greater efficiency, greater safety and, beyond success or not, guarantees a more harmonious and satisfying climb. Have we not convinced you? Pay attention to the champions, those who face the toughest pitches (perhaps closing them on sight) or the longest and most demanding routes: you will immediately notice the order that characterizes their material holder rings.
A perfect organization of the equipment facilitates the positioning of the anchors and, when stationary, speeds up the passage of the material to the partner. Does chaos constantly reign over your harness? But do you dream of improving your wall performance? Take care of the order, then, perhaps starting to hook the quickdraws in the right direction, without confusing the carabiners for the anchors with those for the rope, and to combine each Cam with the carabiner of the same color (the Dyon, the Nano 22 and the Photon offer this possibility) for an immediate identification of the measures.

Classification of mountaineering and climbing connectors according to EN 12275 and EN 362:

  • Type B: self-closing basic connector for use in any insurance system
  • Type H: self -closing connector, generally pear-shaped, mainly intended for dynamic insurance, for example using the half boatman knot (HMS)
  • Type K: self -closing connector intended mainly for the connection of the climber to the anchorages of the via ferrata (Klettersteig)
  • Type T: self -closing connector designed to guarantee the application of the load in a precise direction
  • Type A: self -closing connector to be connected directly to a specific type of anchors
  • Type Q: connector with screw closure, with ring nut that once fully screwed in takes part in supporting the load (quick link)
  • Type X: self -closing connector, symmetrical (oval) and intended for example for artificial climbing and pulleys
  • Type M: multipurpose connector, with screw ring nut, which can be loaded along the major and minor axis

Data sheet

Certification Sport
EN 12275
UIAA certification
Campi for Use
All mountaineering disciplines
Carabiner type
Closure type
Ring nut

Specific References

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