Grivel - Plume EVO Wire K3EW super light wire carabiner


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Grivel - Plume EVO Wire K3EW super light wire carabiner

The Grivel Plume Wire K3EW carabiner combines key-lock functionality with the performance of wire carabiners, with the body of the beloved Plume carabiner.

It features the patented EVO WIRE technology, an innovative solution to avoid getting entangled while unhooking the carabiner, with a minimum footprint: it makes it easier to hook and unhook the carabiner preventing ropes, harnesses or anchors from accidentally getting stuck during use.

Features :

Activities: mountaineering, climbing and mountaineering

Materials / construction / technologies: hot forged aluminum, steel

Certification: CE EN 12275 - Class B, UIAA 121

Weight: 30g (1.1oz)

Length-Width-Opening: 90-54-24 mm


strength of the closed gate: 20

minor force of the axis: 7

resistance of the open gate: 7

  • Weight: 30 g
  • Carabiner type: Small carabiner
  • Closure type: flush


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